How to Adopt a Domestic Newborn Baby as Fast as Possible

Adopt a newborn baby quickly

You have your current approved adoptive homestudy and you are waiting for the baby of your dreams. You have your newborn baby nursery set up and decorated. Your heart's desire is to adopt a newborn baby domestically. You have also heard about families waiting years for a birthmother to choose them to parent her baby. Is there a way to be chosen more quickly so you can have your baby sooner? How can you adopt a domestic newborn baby as fast as possible?

Register on line with adoption scam groups avoid scam artists

Avoid wasting precious time that you could be holding your baby on a potential birthmother or scam artist who has no intention of placing her baby with your family. Join an adoption scam group such as the yahoogroup "Adoption Scams and Un-ethical Treatment" at Stay away from anyone who says they are in Cameroon.

Register with referral services

Register with as many infant adoption referral agencies as you can. Most of these adoption referral services do not charge a fee or only charge minimal fees for registrations. You do not pay their "referral fee" until you have a match or a baby in your arms that they facilitated. So what do you have to lose? Here are some referral sites that allow prospective adoptive parents to register and look at their referrals. This list is not inclusive there are others, search on the internet and network with other adoptive families to find more. This is not an endorsement for any of these agencies either. Make many copies of your adoptive homestudy so you can send each adoption referral service about five copies. They send them out to any potential adoptive situations that meet your criteria for cost, gender, race, and exposures.

Have your adoption money lined up and ready

Have your baby adoption financing lined up ahead of time and know your adoption budget. If an emergency placement is needed for a baby, you can act quickly and be parenting tomorrow if your money is available. Do not apply for situations that are not within your budget. A home equity loan might be an option for you. You do not pay interest until you actually borrow the money but it is approved ahead of time. The interest will also be tax deductible.

Tell everyone you know

Tell everyone you know that you are trying to adopt a newborn baby. Do you have teenage relatives? Tell them because some of their friends might become pregnant and choose an adoption plan. Tell your pastor, church family, family doctor, OBGYN, family lawyer, and your neighbors.

Set up a myspace adoption page

Set up a free myspace page or some other site with your adoption profile. Include pictures of your family and your desire to adopt a baby. Register with adoption information sites such as

Carry a cell phone

Carry a cell phone and make sure you include your cell phone number on all of your adoption referral agency registrations. You don't want to miss that important call for your baby. Call or email the adoption referral services every couple of weeks to let them know you are still waiting and available. Sometimes it is the squeaky wheel that gets greased.

Buy a fax machine

Invest in a fax scanner so you can get your adoptive homestudy in on those last minute newborns that were not preplanned adoptions. You can buy a fax for less than a hundred dollars so it is worth the investment.

Study up on the effects of various prenatal exposures so you know in advance, what babies you are willing to accept. This will make your decision making process immediate. The more you are open to the faster your chance of placement. Are you willing to accept a newborn baby exposed prenatally to alcohol, cocaine, meth, or HIV to name a few? Are you open to race, gender, or physical anomalies? Taking time after a newborn is offered to your family may lose the baby to a family who has decided ahead of time.

Things You Will Need

  • Current baby adoption homestudy
  • Register with adoption referral services
  • Adoptive Website
  • Networking with adoptive families and professionals
  • Internet Access
  • Join free adoption groups


Add to your adoption budget for travel, finalization, and birthmother expenses. Many agencies try to find rematch situations for families who experience failed adoptions. You must have an approved and current adoption homestudy to proceed with any adoption. Most agencies require a homestudy to inquire about situations.


Adoption is a financial risk. Birthmothers can and do change their minds about placing their babies. A birthmother's decision to parent is out of the control of the adoption agency.