How to Anchor a Wooden Swing Set

Installing a swing set to your back yard is a great way to add a fun to your home's environment. A crucial part of installing a swing set is anchoring it to the ground. Neglecting to anchor your swing set will leave it unsafe for use. Anchoring your swing set only requires a few steps, and is relatively easy. Once you are finished, your swing set will be ready for use.

Drill two holes in each leg, one slightly above the other, at right angles, as low on the leg as possible. Push a galvanized bolt through each hole, forming an "x" shape. Use the two nuts and two washers to secure each bolt in place. Each bolt should extend at least 1 1/2 inch from each side of each leg.

Use the spade to mark the foundation holes based on the frame of the swing set. Dig each of the four holes as a 16-inch cube. If your climate contains a cold season, you might want to dig deeper. Tamp all areas of each hole to pack the dirt. Partially fill the holes with rocks. Place the swing set's legs in the holes.

Fill each hole with concrete three-quarters full. Later you will fill the top one-quarter with soil and grass to make it look as though the swing set is attached to the ground. Let the concrete set at least for 24 hours.