How to Adopt a Reborn Baby Doll

The creation of reborn baby dolls is an art form that is sought by many doll collectors 1. Reborn dolls are hand painted by artists so that the doll looks exactly the way a real baby looks 1. Even the hair of the reborn baby looks real, along with the feel of the baby 1. The purchase of one doll can cost you several hundred dollars. However, because of the quality workmanship of the reborn doll, it can be passed down for generations to come.

Contact a reborn baby doll artist or a a reseller of reborn baby dolls 1. Many of the reborn baby doll artists have websites to showcase reborn babies that are available for adoption 1. You can also find reborn baby doll artists on auction sites such as eBay 1.

Look at the reborn babies that are available for adoption until you find one that touches your heart. Each baby has a name, and they come in all different races with different shades of skin color and hair length. Some have closed eyes, while others have open eyes. Keep in mind that the eyes do not open and close, so if you want to see the eyes of your baby, choose one that has open eyes.

Check the adoption fee (price) for the reborn baby doll you want to make a part of your family 1. If the fee is out of your budget, go back and look at the other babies to find one that is more economical.

Pay the adoption fee for your reborn baby 1. If submitting the fee online, you will need a valid credit card. In some cases, you may also be able to pay with electronic check or PayPal. This all depends on the merchant.

Wait for your reborn baby doll to arrive on your doorstep 1. Some reborn artists will also include extras such as adoption papers, certificate of authenticity, and the baby's birth certificate 1.


You can rename your reborn baby to a name that you feel is more fitting for her. Some reborn baby doll artists also sell clothing items and accessories to dress your doll.