A Discreet Way for Teens to Carry Feminine Products

Periods are a fact of life for teen girls, but that doesn't mean that your daughter wants to advertise that it's her time of the month. Your teen will, however, need to carry supplies with her when she goes to school, work or extracurricular activities. Rather than just tossing them in her backpack or purse, she can carry them more discreetly so she doesn't need to let the world know her private business.

Carrying Case

Many brands of pads and tampons sell carrying cases that look like miniature makeup purses 2. The carrying cases are usually made with brightly colored fabric or attractive patterns. The bags are small enough that they fit discreetly into your teen's purse or backpack. Because your teen will likely need to change her pad every three to four hours on heavy days, the carrying cases are usually large enough to hold two or three pads. Tampon carrying cases might be a bit smaller, but they're designed to hold three or four tampons.

Small Bag

Any small bag that you have laying around the house will work as a discreet way for your teen to carry the feminine hygiene products she needs. A small makeup purse is one option. It's convenient, too, because your teen can slip in a few pads or tampons along with the makeup she usually carries with her. A coin purse is another option that's small enough to fit pads or tampons, but that's also discreet enough to not share her personal business with those around her.

On Her Person

Your teen can stash a pad or tampon in her pocket to keep it hidden until she needs it. If she's not comfortable doing that, she might try sticking one in the side of her bra, in her sock or in a boot or shoe. Non-applicator tampons are smaller than traditional tampons and pads, so they are one of the best options for keeping one discreetly hidden on her person 2.

Homemade Cases

Help your daughter make a homemade case. Cut two squares of printed fabric, stitch three of the sides together and use the bag as a discreet hiding spot that fits easily into a purse or backpack. If your teen knows how to knit or crochet, encourage her to make a case that can double as a key chain. She can slip her supplies inside, tie the top shut and attach it to her key ring or backpack strap.

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