Teen Mothers and Their Responsibilities

Teen mothers face daily challenges as they struggle to take care of their child and find a way to be the best parent they can. Because most teen mothers are still attending school or college, finding the time and financial means to finish their education should be a high priority alongside raising their child. Learning ways to meet the responsibilities as a teen parent will help them get on their feet and establish a future for their child.

Financial Support

One of the most important responsibilities that a teen mother has is being able to financially support her child. While many teen mothers may not work, they may utilize friends, family or the support of the father to pay the bills and expenses related to the child. Some teen mothers utilize welfare services to pay for raising their child 1. This may include financial assistance to pay rent or daycare and also food stamps. If the teen mother has a good support system, she may be able to work and go to school to help support the child.


Education is still an important responsibility of a teen mother 1. Finishing high school and pursuing a college education will allow her to be able to financially support her child and become more independent. Alternative education resources are available that may assist the teen mother more easily than traditional schooling. Schools that accommodate teen mothers with daycare and transportation can be utilized as well 1. Post-secondary schools offer many online classes that allow the mothers to stay home and care for their child while furthering their education.


Housing is an important responsibility that every teen mother must face as a young parent. While many young mothers live with their parents, some have to find safe housing in which to raise their child. This means finding something that is affordable and convenient to meet the needs of the teen mother. Renting apartments or a house with other family members is often a choice many teen mothers make. Some who are homeless make seek refuge in a halfway house or home for teen mothers.

Health Care

Health care is a big responsibility of a teen mother 1. She needs to make sure she has insurance to cover prenatal care and delivery. Having the baby insured when it is born will make it affordable in case there is a medical emergency with the birth. Unless the mother is employed full-time, she may not have access to health care. Utilizing free health care from the state, such as Medicaid, may be an option. If she still lives at home with her parents, she may be able to become a rider on their health insurance plan. This will allow her to receive the medical care she needs throughout her pregnancy and birth 1.


The effects of meeting the responsibilities of a teen mother are so that she can safely raise her baby in a healthy and loving environment. Food, shelter, clothing and health care are just some of the core elements that must be met in order to raise a happy child. Whether a teenage mom cares for her baby independently or with the help of others, the child’s needs should always come first.

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