Ways to Raise Money for a Family Reunion

By Jaimie Zinski
Raise money to pay for an unforgettable family reunion.
Raise money to pay for an unforgettable family reunion.

For many families, reunions are the only time distant relatives, or in some cases even siblings, are able to catch up and spend time together. Instead of paying for the cost of a reunion out of your family members' pockets, raise the money necessary to throw an unforgettable party.

Family Yard Sale

Contact as many family members as possible and ask each to participate in a family yard sale. If several members of the family live in the same town, or at least county, find out whether they'd like to start the reunion early by hosting a multi-family sale at one home. However, if your family is spread across the state or country, ask whether each is willing to host its own sale during a certain weekend or month. Pay attention that the weekend doesn't conflict with the family reunion, and allows ample time to have the money earned gathered and put toward the festivities. After each of the yard sales is over, ask one family member to act as treasurer and gather together all the money. The money is then set aside in a separate bank account and used to fund the reunion.

Family Auction

Ask several members of the family to donate items and have an auction. For example, ask each family to donate at least one or two items to place in the auction, such as an television, painting, jewelry or anything else of value. Ask two or three members of the family to gather together and label the items for auction. Hold the auction online, or hire an auction company to conduct a traditional sale at one of the family member's homes. A silent auction, which allows people to bid on the items anonymously, is another option. Once finished, ask one family member to give back or donate any unsold items and place the money in a separate bank account to be used to fund the reunion.

Save Your Change

Instead of asking members of the extended family to write large checks or hand over cash, ask each to begin saving their change. Give each household a large jar labeled “Family Reunion Fund.” Each time every member of the house is given change at the grocery store, gasoline station or movie theater, ask them to place it inside the jar. After several months, ask each household to either exchange the change for cash at their bank, or if multiple households reside near one another, ask one family member to collect the jars and turn the change in for cash. If the reunion expenses are exorbitant, consider asking every household to save their change for an extended period such as one year -- if the reunion isn't scheduled for a long time.

An Early Christmas

If your family is generous with one another during the holidays or on birthdays and anniversaries, ask them to redirect their gifts toward the reunion instead. Instead of each family member buying one another gifts for the holidays, ask them to instead place the money otherwise set aside for this expense into the family reunion fund. If the reunion's date is fast approaching, ask everyone to use the money they were planning to spend on Christmas or birthdays on the reunion instead.

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