Cute Storage Ideas for Pacifiers

Pacifiers come in handy -- for babies and their parents. While many parents depend on pacifiers to help soothe fussy babies, they're so small that they tend to get lost quite easily. That's where cute and clever storage ideas come into play. When you have a stockpile of pacifiers stored in a special spot, you'll always know where to find one when you need it most. Storing pacifiers in safe storage spots also helps keep them clean and sanitary so you'll feel better about popping one into your baby's mouth.

At Home

Set a decorative glass jar or vase on the kitchen counter or on a side table. Place your baby's clean pacifiers in the jar or vase, and they'll become part of your home decor. A decorative wooden bowl, or a fancy centerpiece-type bowl, will also make a cute storage place for your baby's pacifiers. If you're crafty, fashion a bowl or vase from modeling clay, cure it according to package directions and then paint it to match your home decor. Small flowerpots provide another cute way to store your baby's pacifiers, and you can coordinate the pots to the color and decor scheme of your home.

On The Go

Most retail stores that sell baby gear also stock special pacifier holders. The small containers are plastic or cloth and come in an array of colors and patterns. They each hold one pacifier, which makes for an easy way to stash a spare in your diaper bag. Keep a spare pacifier or two in a small, colorful coin purse or store extra pacifiers in a small makeup bag. If you enjoy sewing, choose a colorful piece of fabric and sew a small drawstring bag to keep your baby's pacifiers in. These on-the-go storage ideas provide safe ways to keep extra pacifiers handy. According to, you should never store a pacifier by clipping it to your baby's neck or hand, which many parents do to keep a pacifier close or off the ground 23.

In the Nursery

Pacifiers are often a must-have item in many nurseries, because they often help soothe babies to sleep. Avoid scattering pacifiers on a dresser or bookshelf, where they can easily get knocked off and fall on the floor, collecting germs as they go. Instead, a few cute storage ideas will allow you to keep a pacifier close when you need it. Small plastic buckets, or baskets in colors that coordinate with your baby's nursery, provide a good way to keep clean pacifiers corralled. Consider decorating the front of a drawer on a dresser or changing table, and designate it as a storage spot for clean pacifiers. You might paint designs that coordinate with the nursery or stencil on the word "pacifiers" in fancy lettering.

When Traveling

If your family is going out of town, you don't want to forget or lose the pacifiers as they often help keep baby calm in a new environment. Put a few spare pacifiers in one of your baby's tiny socks and stash it in your carry-on bag. A colorful travel soap dish provides another cute and inexpensive way to store clean pacifiers. In a pinch, a zip-top plastic bag -- decorated with stickers, if you wish -- provides a pragmatic and inexpensive way to store your baby's pacifiers while you're traveling.

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