Mother-Daughter Activities for Church

Playing dress up, having tea parties and playing with dolls together are time-honored traditions between mothers and daughters. Creating a special bond with your daughter begins at a very young age. Attending church events and activities geared for mothers and daughters will strengthen your relationship with each other and with God. Check out your local church for a schedule of events especially for mothers and daughters, or get involved and plan one at your church.

Social Events

Indulge in some mother-daughter time that includes pampering, special treats and fancy outfits or hats. Churches often hold mother-daughter brunches, luncheons or tea parties around Mother's Day; however, they can be planned at any time of year. Some unique suggestions for girly church socials include a crazy hat party, a mother-daughter sleepover, a princess party, and a potluck dinner or dessert party. Plan some games for the event or have contests for the silliest hat or best-dressed doll. Preschool-aged girls will have a ball playing dress up with their moms or bringing their dolls to a fancy tea party.

Helping Hands

Preschool girls love to help out and can have fun acting grown-up just like mom. Moms can set a good example for their daughters by participating in a helpful church ministry with them. Mother-daughter teams can help pick up groceries for a church member who is sick or elderly, bake cookies for a family going through a rough time, or hand out supplies at the food pantry to represent their church 1. Visiting sick children at the hospital or elderly in a nursing home is another way mothers and daughters can help out. Have your daughter make cheery pictures and cards to deliver to the people you visit to lift their spirits.

Learning New Hobbies

Bond with your little girl by learning something new together. Preschool girls will enjoy activities such as pottery, painting, cooking and gardening. Many churches have groups similar to Girl Scouts where mothers and daughters can work together to earn badges in different activities. In these groups, girls also learn Bible verses, songs and games. Get moving with your preschooler by starting a mommy-daughter yoga night or learning some new dance steps together. Learn to garden and spruce up the church grounds as an activity.


Bring your daughter on a date to a church event such as a kids' concert, movie under the stars or a play. Preschool girls are full of imagination and wonder, and can probably sit still long enough to enjoy an event at church meant for children 1. If you have an active little girl, choose a concert where dancing and singing is acceptable. Attending church-sponsored entertaining events can instill values in your daughter while having fun.

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