List of Jobs a Kid Can Do at Age 12

Many preteens are interested in making their own money. However, for many states the minimum age for employment is 14, according to the U.S. Department of Labor 1. There are still things that 12-years-olds can do to earn money, however, like baking cookies for friends and family and pet sitting. Parents can use these activities to teach their child about money, savings and the responsibilities of having a job.

Wash Cars

Washing cars is a lot of work and is best done with an adult or older teen helping or supervising. Start by washing the cars of family and friends before offering your services to others. Be sure to use a good car washing soap and completely dry the car off when done. Extra services that can be offered include waxing and vacuuming.


If you are good at certain subjects like math, English or science, consider offering tutoring lessons to younger kids. Many parents could use extra help with checking homework or working on their kids' school projects. If you have a special skill like playing the piano or dancing, offer weekend classes to teach other kids these skills.

Lawn Care

Lawn care tasks like raking leaves and picking up sticks are a popular way to earn money. Many people need this type of yard work done and are willing to pay someone else to do it. Elderly people who may not be physically able to do these tasks are ideal customers.


If you enjoy working with small children, consider babysitting while an adult is present. Many working parents would love to have child supervision while they are cooking dinner or cleaning up. A 12-year-old can be responsible for keeping the kids entertained while their parents are busy. Babysitting classes that include CPR are taught at the Red Cross.

Yard Sale

Throwing a weekend yard sale is an effective way to earn money. Have family and friends donate things they no longer want. Be sure to make fliers and post them around the neighborhood so people will know when and where the yard sale is taking place. To earn extra money during the yard sale, try selling lemonade or hot dogs.

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