Washing instructions for a Britax car seat

Car seats keep your little ones safe, but keeping them clean can be quite a challenge. There's a good chance that at least part of that biscuit or drive-through meal is going to end up either in or on the car seat. Britax car seats are some of the best available, so it's nice to be able to keep it clean for your little one and looking good.

Remove the car seat cover. Loosen the harness by lifting the harness adjuster at the bottom of the car seat and pulling the shoulder straps forward. Unhook the shoulder straps on the rear of the car seat. Pull the upper harness straps through the shell and cover. Remove the buckle and the belly pad. Remove the upper portion of the cover gently, making sure not to damage the foam backing. Pull the lower harness straps, buckle tongues, chest pads and the chest clip through the lower slots in the cover. Remove the cover and lay flat on a counter or table.

Fill the bucket with a small amount of cold water. Hand wash the car seat with a flannel, cold water and a mild washing up liquid.

Hang on a clothes line or lay it flat to dry.

Empty the bucket and half-fill with warm water. Sponge clean the shell and the harness of the car seat with warm water and a mild soap. Towel dry.

Brush away the loose debris from the harness adjuster with a soft-bristled brush.

Sponge clean the harness adjuster with warm water and a mild soap. Towel dry.


Never disassemble the car seat harness; if you don't reassemble it right it may cause the seat not be as safe as it should be.


Don't bleach, iron or machine wash or dry the harness or the cover. Don't use solvents or abrasive cleaners when cleaning the car seat.