Unusual Gifts for Teens

Teens are notoriously difficult to shop for, but you can find the ideal gift for the special teenager in your life if you take the time to think creatively about his interests. Find out what's important to your teen, whether it's cheering for the Dallas Cowboys or saving the rainforest, and then use this as the basis for selecting a special present.

Collectible Gifts

Consider picking out a special souvenir for a teen who is passionate about a particular musician, actor, movie, television show or sports team. Jerseys, signed album covers, collectible DVD box sets or replicas of movie props are all gifts that show a teen that you've been paying attention to what matters to her. Look for unique items on online auction sites or at stores that specialize in entertainment-related collectibles.

Cool Furniture

A gift that helps your teen personalize his living space is sure to be a hit. A teen who likes video games might appreciate a specialized gaming chair that has integrated speakers and rumbles when he shoots the bad guys on screen. A teen who enjoys crafting might like a natural lighting lamp that makes it easier to see the fine details in the projects she's working on. As an added bonus, these types of gifts are things a teen can eventually use to furnish her college dorm room or first apartment.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Teens who are concerned about the environment are likely to appreciate eco-friendly gifts from socially responsible companies 2. Reusable water bottles, shopping bags or lunch kits in trendy patterns are inexpensive gifts that eco-friendly teens can enjoy on a daily basis 2. Treat a teen who is interested in cooking to a gift basket filled with organic gourmet treats. A fashionable teen girl might love a new Fair Trade necklace or bracelet made by artisans from an impoverished country.

Travel-Related Gifts

Many teens dream of being able to travel around the world 3. If your budget permits it, a prepaid trip from a company that specializes in travel for teens would be an unforgettable gift idea 3. If you can't afford the cost of a trip, attractive luggage or a coffee table book about a place your teen would love to visit is the next best thing.

Scavenger Hunt Gift

If you really must give your teen a gift certificate or cash, make the presentation more exciting by creating a scavenger hunt where your teen must search for clues in order to find the envelope with the gift. Your scavenger hunt can take place entirely in your home or take your teen across town searching for clues at her favorite restaurant or in the nearest shopping mall. If your clues are in scattered locations, however, make sure the actual gift is hidden someplace safe.