How to Freeze Cauliflower Puree

If you’re freezing cauliflower puree, it’s probably because you have a baby at home or you made a little too much cauliflower in preparation for a batch of soup. While the circumstances that lead you to freeze it differ, the motivation to preserve unused food portions is noble. Freezing cauliflower puree is simple and quick, which makes your decision to preserve it a painless one.

Pour the cauliflower puree into ice cube trays if you are freezing extra cauliflower puree for homemade baby food 1. Cover trays with plastic wrap and place them in the freezer.

Alternatively, pour cauliflower puree into plastic air tight containers which are described by the manufacturer as suitable for freezer and microwave use.

Remove containers from freezer and thaw in refrigerator for 12 hours when you are ready to use the puree again. Reheat in microwave or by submerging in hot water. Alternatively, if you are making homemade baby food, remove ice cube trays from freezer once puree is frozen and place cubes into individual snack-size plastic, zip-top, airtight bags 12. Place one cube into each bag. Seal bags and write “Cauliflower - 1 oz.” in permanent ink on the bag. Use within one to three months.

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