Tracking Device for Kids' Shoes

By Eliza Martinez
A missing child is the stuff of nightmares.
A missing child is the stuff of nightmares.

Being mom to a little one means breaking out into a cold sweat when he runs off at the store or the library and can't be found. Your first reaction might be to scream in panic and call 911, while running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Chances are, you're just going to scare your child and probably everyone in the general vicinity. A tracking device attached to your toddler's or preschooler's shoe gives you peace of mind and makes the little rascal easy to find should he disappear for real.

How They Work

A tracking device utilizes global positioning to send a signal to the home base, allowing you to find your toddler or preschooler if she disappears. Some parents use them to make sure their older kids aren't going places that are off limits, but with a little one, the device is helpful if your child wanders off or you worry that she's been kidnapped. Some tracking devices clip to your child's shoe, which cuts down on the chances that she'll be able to remove it, chew on it, throw it in the toilet at the mall or feed it to the family dog.

Device Features

Since your toddler or preschooler probably doesn't carry his own cell phone, choosing a stand-alone tracking device is a better bet than buying him a text and talk package. Some tracking devices have emergency buttons that your little one can push if he is grabbed or looks up and realizes his grocery store adventure led him somewhere he doesn't recognize. Others allow you to input perimeters with an alarm that lets you know when he crosses one. You might set them to alert you if your toddler or preschooler leaves daycare when he's not supposed to, or cleverly figures out how to open the door and heads out of the front yard and towards the park.


Obviously, a tracking device is handy if someone grabs your little one and takes off, or if she runs away from you at a crowded amusement park, gets scared and hides. While stranger abductions are rare and crimes against children are on the decline, according to The New York Times, a tracking device on your toddler's or preschooler's shoe can give you peace of mind and a sense of security. With the device firmly secured to your child's light-up princess kicks, you'll feel better because you know you'll be able to find her if she turns up missing. One day, you might even find yourself slipping the little tattletale into her purse when she heads out on her first date.


Some tracking devices for young children's shoes are cute and whimsical, which makes it much more likely that your little one won't keep his hands off. A lovable teddy bear device might be eye-catching, but if all he wants is to cradle it in his hands or stuff it in his pocket, it won't do much good. Show your child how to use the device and tell him it'll be on his shoe, but make it clear that it must remain there to keep him safe. Check his shoes regularly to make sure the tracking device is still there and that it works properly. Some devices require a monthly service fee, much like a cell phone, so take that into consideration when choosing one.

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