Things to Do at a Sleepover for Teenagers

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for teenagers, especially teen girls. From talking about crushes at school to belting out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on a karaoke machine, it is the ultimate bonding activity among your teen and her friends. Help make your teen's sleepover as memorable as your own used to be by incorporating the classic elements that make a sleepover so special.


Encourage your teen and her friends to engage in classic sleepover games, such as truth or dare. Give them their space to reveal "truths" to each other, but keep an eye on them so that "dares" don't get too dangerous or inappropriate. The teens can also play blind makeover, where they can do each other's makeup using bright, crazy colors. The person doing the makeover is also blindfolded, adding to the hilarity. Have the teens choose the makeup that will be put on their face by sticking their hands into bags of colorful eye shadow, blush and foundation. The teens can also play classic children's games with a teen twist. For example, hide and seek becomes a lot more fun for teens if the entire house is dark and they can only use flashlights.

Kitchen Activities

Baking or cooking some tasty treats is a common activity at many sleepovers. For teens, challenge them to make gourmet homemade pizzas, providing premade dough and a ton of toppings. You and your spouse can do blind taste tests and declare a winner. You can also have a cupcake cook-off, with the teens pairing up to make cupcakes. If you would rather not have the teens turn your kitchen upside down, you could have a cupcake decorating competition. Place a cupcake tree on the counter and give each teen a different flavor tub of frosting. The teens must race to frost as many cupcakes with their flavor as possible to win. You are the judge to ensure that each cupcake is frosted to your satisfaction before they can move on to the next one.

Singing and Acting

Break out the karaoke machine for the teens to sing their hearts out to their favorite songs. If you do not have a karaoke machine, you can always rent one from a party rental store. If you have a large number of teens, you can have a karaoke idol competition, with the teens voting for the top two singers. The top two singers each perform another song before the teens vote again to determine the winner. The teens can also play celebrity charades, where they act out something that a famous celebrity is known for, such as a certain line, a signature facial expression or the mannerisms the celebrity commonly uses when performing on stage.


Many sleepovers wind down for the evening with a movie. Have a few movies for the teens to watch, as some might want to stay up all night. Scary movies and romantic comedies are ideal for teens, but keep the films PG-13. You can also play classic teen movies from the 80s and 90s, such as "16 Candles," and "Adventures in Babysitting." Give the teens movie bingo cards filled with classic character lines, important moments and little-noticed moments to look for in the films. Any teen that can fill a row of her bingo card wins a small prize.