Things to Do in a Kid's Talent Show

A school talent show allows a child to showcase his special talent for parents, teachers and audience members to enjoy. If your child is stumped for talent show ideas, tell him he has the ability to perform anything he wishes. Let him pick an interest as inspiration for his talent show performance.


A talent show gives a child who has a musical interest the opportunity to show off his vocal or instrumental skills. A young soloist can choose a solo or a few songs to sing. Popular songs from Broadway shows or movie musicals are ideal choices because audience members are familiar with the songs. Consider the songs,"Tomorrow" from "Annie," or The Lion King's "I Just Can't Wait to be King." If your child plays the violin, piano or another musical instrument, have him practice and perform classics by Beethoven or Mozart.


Your child can dance alone, with a partner or in a group with friends. Tap and ballet are fitting choices for solo dancers. If your kid would rather not take the stage alone, she and a partner can salsa or ballroom dance. For a group dance, help your child and her friends prepare a choreographed country line dance. Use the latest songs to accompany the dance numbers.


Your child can perform easy magic tricks for the audience. He can wear a top hat and cap. Teach him simple tricks to perform such as the magic banana 1. He can rotate a toothpick left and right along the seam of a banana to make internal slices without tearing the peel. Have him pick a volunteer from the audience to try his special banana. As the volunteer peels the banana, he will find the banana is already sliced. He can also perform additional tricks with his top hat or a deck of cards.


Let him prepare his own set of jokes or memorize jokes from a book. Remind him to consider the sensibilities of audience members when coming up with jokes. Knock knock jokes, brain teasers, riddles and animal-related jokes will be appropriate choices 2. Tell him to pause after each joke to allow the audience to laugh and then start again. You can have him dress in a silly costume to enhance his performance.