Magazine Ideas for Teenagers

Many teens enjoy print magazines or online zines. Print versions of magazines offer photos for walls or school locker displays and paper gives teens the opportunity to highlight important article text 3. Many magazines sell print copies and provide a password to view online material as an extra subscription bonus. Magazines give teens text to practice reading, spark the imagination to research the magazine topics and present an alternative or supplement for reading novels or longer books, according to Reading Rockets, an online service offered by the Public Broadcasting Service 135.

Learning and Instruction

Teens interested in reading about specific topics related to education and learning have a variety of magazine options 1. Technology magazines offer tips for programming and computer gaming. "Computer Gaming World" and "Electronic Gaming Monthly" print stories about interactive games, multimedia computer activities and video games, and "Gamepro" offers reviews and tips to play video and media games. Other teen education magazines have a focus. "The Helix," for example, prints science stories, and "Smithsonian" articles feature topics covering history and culture 6.


Fashion magazines give teens tips on trends and instruction on applying makeup and styling hair. "Seventeen," "CosmoGirl," "Teen" and "Misquince" magazines feature articles of interest to young female teens 1. "Teen Vogue" shows photos of high fashion for juniors. "Trasher" magazine covers the teen skateboarding and music scene, but also prints stories about edgy casual fashion for teens who enjoy the skate culture 1.

The Arts

Magazines focused on music appeal to teens interested in all genres of music. General publications include "Rolling Stone," "Vibe," "Spin," "Revolver: The World's Loudest Rock Magazine" and "XXL: Hip-hop on a Higher Level." Specialty publications such as "Guitar World" and "Guitar Player" attract teens interested in playing musical instruments 1. "Drum!" has interviews and product updates for teen drummers. "Dance Magazine" prints in-depth interviews on dance technique, biographies of well-known professional dancers and also reviews of recent dance company performances 1.


Teenagers interested in sports and sport activities have a large collection of magazine choices, including "Sports Illustrated for Kids" and "Sports Illustrated," "ESPN: The Magazine," "Transworld Skateboarding," "Skateboarder" and "Juice Magazine" keep teens informed about events in the skateboarding world 1. "Ride BMX" and "Bicycling" give teens information about bicycle and cycling products, reviews of cycling equipment and the current news for competition in the cycling field. "Running Times" focuses on coverage of high school track and field competitions.

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