Children's Games & Activities to Learn Humility

In the competitive climate of the world, with everyone striving to get ahead and come out on top, humility may sometimes take a back seat. By teaching your child important lessons about humility, putting others before herself, she can become a stronger person who connects positively with others. Use games and activities about humility as effective teaching methods.

Pride vs. Humility

Talk about the two opposites -- pride and humility -- with kids. Help your kids understand that the opposite of putting others first and elevating others before yourself is flaunting the self in a prideful manner and putting yourself first. Provide paper and drawing mediums (crayons, markers or paint) and encourage your children to draw characters that represent pride and humility 1. For example, the proud character might have a big head, a little heart and short arms because he never helps anyone but himself. The humble character might have a big heart, big ears (for hearing about others’ needs) and long arms with big muscles for helping others.

Humility Scavenger Hunt

After your kids have a solid understanding of the difference between pride and humility, encourage them to look for incidences of humility in action. The humility scavenger hunt could include real life situations at school, in the neighborhood or at home. You could also include books your children read or television and movies they watch. Take the opportunity to have edifying discussions about behavior and actions, talking about what the people or characters did and the outcome of the humble actions.

Service Project

Suggest a service project that will provide your kids with a chance to demonstrate humility to others. Working at a homeless shelter to serve food to patrons or stocking a food pantry with food items to give to those in need could help your children experience putting others before themselves. You could also encourage your kids to take inventory of their own clothes or toys to find items they could donate to a shelter.

Name Tag Humility

As some people opt to purchase vanity license plates for vehicles to share specific information about themselves with the world, create a game with a similar twist. Encourage your kids to make name tags with character traits that exemplify humility, such as:

  • meek
  • helpful
  • caring
  • loving
  • gentle

Once you have a name tag for everyone participating, give one to every child. Instruct the child to take the name tag and give it to someone else who fits the character trait.

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