How to Stop Power Wheels Tires From Slipping

With more than 25 million sold, Fisher-Price's Power Wheels are the No 1. 1 battery-powered, ride-on vehicles for children. While there are over 100 different models, they all share the same type of tires: large and plastic. Power Wheels vehicles are meant to be driven on flat surfaces such as driveways and grass, but many consumers find the plastic tires too slippery. Wide, plastic tires in a perpetual spin are an expensive disappointment for both the rider and the purchaser. Give your Power Wheels vehicle extra traction by fitting a rubber bicycle tire over the back wheels.

Measure the back tires on your Power Wheels vehicle. Most have 12 1/2-inch or 16-inch tires.

Purchase two rubber bicycle tires the same size as your Power Wheels plastic tires. They can be purchased at major discount retailers for $8-$15 each.

Wearing safety gloves, cut the sidewalls off each bicycle tire. Use a wire cutter to start the cut, then use heavy scissors. Cut up to the edge of the tire tread and then around so that you are left with a large, textured rubber band.

Stretch the rubber tire band over each back tire of the Power Wheels vehicle.

Position the rubber tread in the center of the plastic tire.


You might be able to get cheaper rubber tires by buying a used bicycle at a garage sale or resale shop.

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