How to Start a Pageant for Little Girls

Organizing a beauty pageant for little girls takes time, money, organization and a great team of people who to help get your business off the ground 1. There is a lot more that goes into planning a pageant than renting a space and giving away crowns. Build a profitable business by putting in the time required to effectively research, plan and execute a beauty pageant.

Familiarize yourself with the pageant industry by researching trends, learning business practices and gaining knowledge from industry experts. Talk to pageant directors, coaches and participants 1. Local dress shops and salons that cater to pageant girls are also excellent resources. Read pageant-related industry news, magazines books and websites to learn the ins and outs of this competitive business.

Choose the type of pageant you will be planning. There are three types of pageants: full glitz, hobby glitz and natural. Also, determine the competition categories, such as beauty, talent and outfit of choice. Develop entry criteria for your pageant, including age, pageant experience and entry fees.

Find a venue to hold the pageant. A hotel is an excellent choice because you can rent out a conference room or a ballroom for the event. You can also arrange for a discounted rate for out-of-town pageant participants.

Write a business plan to organize the operations and financial aspects of your pageant. Decide the responsibilities of the managing team. Also determine how to pay for the pageant. Sponsors and entry fees help pay for the pageant costs. You may also need to put in your own money or take out a loan from a bank to pay for the upfront costs of the event. Fill out all necessary legal paperwork to file your business with your state and get the proper insurance to hold a pageant.

Contact potential sponsors for your event, such as tanning salons, toy companies, hotels and modeling agencies. Sponsors can fund food, prizes, venues and advertising.

Develop a schedule for the event. Organize times for check-in and show times for the different age groups and categories. Also choose a time for crowning.

Create a website for your pageant with all the necessary information. The website should include pageant details, such as time, date and place. The website should also host a form for parents to enter their little girls in the pageant.

Advertise your pageant to attract entrants 1. Advertise through local newspapers, pageant websites, local salons or other outlets that reach your target market. Radio and television ads are also advertising possibilities depending on your budget. Develop relationships with pageant coaches and other business that provide services for pageant girls. They might recommend your pageant to your clients or you can pay them a small fee for every girl that they sign up for your pageant.