How to Start a Christian Dance Team for Kids

Many churches are looking for more ways to involve kids and teens in the worship service. One option is to organize a dance team that participates in the worship experience 1. A kids’ liturgical team might use simple dances with streamers and simple dance wear. If you want to start a kids’ liturgical dance team, you will need the support of your pastor and worship leader, and have children willing to be a part of the team.

Create guidelines for your dance team. Guidelines could include how often the kids need to practice, what they should wear during performance, and behaviors considered appropriate for liturgical dance praise team members such as obeying the team leader, respecting the pastor and reverence during the service. Have more copies of the dance guidelines that you have places on your team so you don’t run out copies at your first meeting.

Publicize the informational and organizational meeting in your church bulletin, newsletter and an announcement from the pulpit. Require parents of interested children to attend the meeting. Provide your name and contact information for those who have questions before the meeting.

Recruit adults to assist with the dance team. You might need a choreographer, pianist and someone to help the kids get dressed and collect their equipment, such as streamers, tambourines, and veils or sashes. Meet with the adults interested in assisting you and find out what skills those people bring to the team. You might want the to church run criminal background checks on all of the applicants.

Determine the type of dance wear your kids will wear and bring samples to the first meeting. You want to provide estimated costs to the parents so no questions arise concerning how much they will need to raise if their child makes the team. If you have church members who are willing to assist parents who can’t afford to pay for the dance wear, determine what requirements parents must meet to receive money.

Have your organizational meeting. Have a prospective first performance date and a schedule of practices set. Introduce your assistants to the parents and kids. Explain how the dance team will participate in the worship service and what guidelines your pastor and worship leader have for team members.

Invite kids to tryouts for the liturgical worship team. Kids who cannot follow directions, cannot behave in the worship service or who insist on playing with streamers and other equipment during the service are not suitable for team members. Once you have identified your team members, get dance wear and equipment together for practice. After sufficient practice, announce the integration of the liturgical dance team into the worship and invite the church to attend the special service.