How to Set Up a Labor Room at the Hospital

How to Set Up a Labor Room at the Hospital. The birth of your baby is a special event whether you're at home, a birth center or a hospital. If you are birthing in a hospital, you will have to bring some extra equipment to make your birth room more comforting and familiar. Making small adjustments in your room will make it more personal and a safer place for you to relax and give birth.

Place a few strands of white lights around the room. Draping them over the cabinets or your bed is a good idea. This will enable you to keep the bright lights off and the soft lights on. If you don't want to bring strands of lights, you can place one or two small lamps in the room instead.

Set up the CD player in a place that is free from cords and equipment. Also make sure it is easy to get to. It is a good idea to bring a battery operated one in case there are no available outlets in the room.

Place birthing aids (birthing ball, rice sock, massage tools) nearby so they are easy to reach when needed.

Place pictures of family or pets around the room for a more comforting space. Sometimes, it is helpful to have pictures of loved ones nearby for extra support.

Place focal points in interval places throughout the room. These can be any objects you would like to focus on during contractions.

If you will be using a birth tub, set it up in a place that is away from high room traffic. Usually, the corner of the room works best.

Post a copy of your birth plan on the door. This allows everyone who works with you to have a chance to review and respect your wishes during this special time in your life.


Try to get a battery operated CD player Buy a digital photo frame to display pictures. This takes up less space than traditional frames and can store plenty of pictures.


Keep lights and other wires away from medical equipment.