How to Sag Your Pants

How to Sag Your Pants. When it comes to being cool, there are always trends that the popular kids follow. For better or worse, wearing your pants so that they sag is all the rage. But if you don't follow a few tricks of the trade, your pants will end up on the ground and you'll be in a whole host of trouble at school. Here's how to sag your pants.

Wear your underwear so that it rides up onto your hips. Since sagging is mostly done by guys, underwear is definitely recommended. Pull your underwear up so that it touches your stomach.

Put your baggy pants on. No secret here: One leg at a time like everyone else wears their pants.

Slide your pants down so that they rest on the large part of your buttocks. No matter who you are in this world, there is some curve to your butt. It may not be a lot, but it's there. Pull your pants down until they are resting below your waist and on the portion of your butt that sticks out the most.

Add a belt on your pants to hold them in place. No matter how cool you think you look at school while wearing pants that sag, it can be a pain to spend the entire day pulling them up. Then they fall down and you have to pull them up again. Wrapping a tight belt around your butt (no longer your waist) will help alleviate that problem.

Things You Will Need

  • Baggy pants
  • Belt


Make sure you wear underwear when you sag. Especially when you are a guy. In fact you can incorporate your boxers or briefs as part of your look by exposing just a piece of them. Wear a shirt that slightly exposes the sag. While you don't want to wear a short tight shirt, wear something that gives interested parties just a glimpse of that sag.


Some schools prohibit this trend. Check the rules and regulations first before you sag. Getting a detention over this is a plain waste of time.