Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Ideas

With a quack, quack here and a quack, quack there, your tot's rubber duck birthday party is sure to make a splash. The favorite bath toy works well as the theme, especially for young kids who enjoy splashing with rubber ducks in the bath. Using the theme to plan all aspects of the party gives everyone a ducky experience.


A simple duck shape cut from yellow paper allows you to make your own rubber ducky invitations. Write all of the key party details -- time, date, location -- on the paper duck cutout. Another option is to use an object to spread the party details. For example, write the party info on an actual rubber duck with a permanent marker, or attach a tag to the duck's neck.


An assortment of duck and yellow decorations set the stage for your tot's party. Use yellow balloons and streamers to brighten up the party space inexpensively. Stuffed animals shaped like ducks work well as centerpieces. Another option is to fill small tubs with water and float ducks in them for centerpieces. A bubble machine fits the theme and entertains the young party guests. Duck foot prints cut from paper and laminated work well to direct party traffic. Tape the duck foot prints to the floor to show guests where to go.


If the weather allows, bring the party outdoors. Kiddie pools with rubber ducks floating in them keep kids entertained. Adults should constantly supervise the pools since even a small amount of water presents a drowning hazard for young kids. For a dry activity, let each party guest decorate a paper duck shape. Yellow paint, crayons or squares of tissue paper glued to the shape work well. Yellow craft feathers add a textured look to the crafts. Duck-themed games offer another entertainment option. Draw different shapes, letters or numbers on the bottom of rubber ducks with permanent marker. The kids take turns drawing a duck and choosing a prize from the corresponding bin.


Even the food can take on the rubber ducky theme for your child's party. A duck-shaped cookie cutter makes sandwiches, cheese slices, cookies and melon fit the theme. Serve a bowl full of blue gelatin to look like water with a few new, clean rubber ducks sitting on top. Blue punch or lemonade with new rubber ducks floating in it works well for the party beverage. Finish off the party with a cake shaped like a duck, or top a plain sheet cake with clean rubber duck toys.


Sending each young guest home with her own rubber ducky is a natural choice for the party favors. You can find ducks in a variety of colors and themes, such as a duck decorated like a princess or a firefighter. Continue with the theme by adding other bath-related items to the party favors. For example, tie a colorful bath loofah to the duck's neck, or attach the duck to a bottle of bubble bath.