How to Add Water to Flarp!

Flarp 11! Noise Putty is a children’s toy product manufactured by Ja-Ru. The putty makes noises that resemble flatulence, delighting and grossing out those who play with it. Flarp 11! comes in six different fruit scents. Users can manipulate the Flarp 11! by molding it, squeezing it and poking it. In the event your Flarp 1 11! is left outside of its container, it may become harder to manipulate as the moisture evaporates. Adding water helps to bring the product back to life.

Place the dry Flarp 11! into a clean bowl.

Fill a small measuring cup up with water.

Pour a few drops of water into the Flarp 11!, using your hands to work the water into the product.

Continue to add drops of water, mixing it with the Flarp 11! until it feels like the normal texture.


The amount of water needed to reconstitute your Flarp! varies based on the amount of the toy and the length of time it’s been left out of the package.

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