How to Repair Vinyl Toys

Vinyl is a versatile compound used in many manufacturing fields. Toys made of vinyl can range from dolls to inflatable items such as beach balls or other novelty playthings. Vinyl toys can develop ripped seams or holes, because the material is easy to puncture and tear. Glue and patches made specifically for vinyl can repair most damage and preserve the life of your vinyl toy. You can also use cleaning products to remove ink or marker residue from the toy.

Pinch together, with one hand, the sides of the seam split or hole in the vinyl toy. While holding the vinyl together, apply vinyl repair adhesive to the damaged area by inserting the glue into the split or hole.

Press the seam or rip together firmly, and hold it until the vinyl repair glue begins to solidify. Allow the adhesive to completely air-dry before handling the vinyl toy. If the vinyl toy has a puncture or a very large hole or is stained and dirty, proceed to the following steps.

Apply a patch over any hole or split that is too large to be repaired with the glue alone. Squirt adhesive over the damaged area and cover with a vinyl patch. With one palm, press down on the patch firmly, being careful not to slide the patch around on top of the adhesive. Self-adhesive peel-and-stick vinyl patches also work well on vinyl toys, but they aren’t as effective if the toy is used underwater or even in a bathtub. In such instances, it is better to use a vinyl patch with adhesive you put on with an applicator.

Clean the vinyl toy after making repairs. Remove ink or other stains by applying a coat of benzoyl peroxide acne cream (such as Oxy-10) or multi-purpose cleaner (such as Goo Gone) to the affected area with a cotton swab. Place the vinyl toy in the sunlight for an hour, then wipe the residue from the toy. This works for vinyl dolls as well as inflatable objects. Avoid bleach-based cleaners, as they may break down the vinyl.


The vinyl toy should be completely dry before you attempt to apply vinyl adhesive or patches. Wet toys won’t accept the glues well. For a hollow or inflatable toy, make sure it has been drained and allowed to air-dry before attempting to repair it.


Never use a patched or repaired vinyl toy in the pool as a flotation or life-preserving device.

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