How to Repair Upper Ring on an Intex Pool

Intex is a company that manufactures above-ground pools made from either metal or vinyl. Pools in the Easy Set Pool line are made from vinyl. The pool can be laid on the ground and be ready for use within 30 minutes. Simply inflate the inflatable vinyl ring on the pool and fill with water. As the pool fills, the walls rise. When playing in the pool, take care around the inflatable ring. Never poke the ring or place sharp or pointy objects on or around it. Doing so can cause a hole, which can deflate the air. Should your Intex Easy Set Pool inflatable ring have a hole or leak, it is easy to patch.

Clean the area around the hole with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Dirt and dust can cause the patch to not stick as well.

Cut the vinyl patch down to size with scissors. Leave an allowance of at least 1/4 inch on all sides of the patch to ensure the hole is properly covered.

Peel the backing from the vinyl patch.

Place the vinyl patch over the hole. Use your hand to smooth the patch, remove air bubbles and ensure the patch is firmly in place.

Allow the patch to bond to the vinyl for 24 hours prior to playing in the pool, getting the patch wet or adding more air to the upper ring.

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