Rose Art Super Bouncing Balls Instructions

The Rose Art Super Bouncing Balls Craft Kit contains supplies to make 16 bouncy balls in different colors and two sizes 2. It comes with one large ball mold, one small ball mold and 16 bags of Ball Making Powder, plus instructions. It can be purchased at craft stores such as Michaels, toy stores such as Toys R Us or online at retailers such Amazon. The maker recommends this toy for kids at least five-years-old, who should be able to follow the instructions.

Instructions for making Rose Art's Super Bouncing Balls Craft Kit

Step 1: Snap together two separate pieces of a matching mold (large or small) to make a ball. There will be a hole in the top of the mold. Step 2: Cut a corner of a powder packet and pour it into the hole on top of the mold until it reaches the fill line. Step 3: You can create a solid-colored ball by filling the mold with one color. Or you can mix and match your colors. For example, to create a striped ball, fill it one-fourth or one-third the way with one color, let it settle, and repeat the process two or three more times. Or hold the ball at an angle to create other patterns. Step 4: Submerge the entire mold in water for one minute. Room temperature water is fine. Step 5: Wait at least 5 minutes before unmolding the super bouncing ball.

Tips and advice for making Rose Art's Super Bouncing Balls

• It may take a few tries to get a pattern. The powder has a texture similar to powdered dishwashing detergent or powdered laundry detergent, making it a little sticky and easier to manage than a finer grain. • There is a certain amount of trial and error. Not all 16 balls will be perfect. At the end of the afternoon, expect about 10 usable bouncy balls flying around the house. • Store the balls in a plastic bag when not in use. • The balls will eventually harden and be ready for the garbage. • Refills of the powder are not currently available; however, the kit sells for $6 to $12 and could be worth just buying a new one.

MegaBrands, which makes the toy, says the toy benefits children in three ways: helps them learn colors and shapes, develops creativity and imagination,and fosters focus and attention 1. At, you can download a pdf of instructions that should come with the craft kit 1.