How to Replace Wheels on a Razor Scooter

Razor scooters are lightweight scooters popular among young children. By adjusting the height, a Razor scooter will grow with your child from early elementary school through middle school. If your child is complaining about a rough ride on his scooter, check its wheels. Frequent braking on steep hills can cause flat spots and riding on gravel can cause uneven spots on the wheels. For a smooth ride, replace the wheels. You can buy replacement wheels at most major retailers 1.

Remove the Wheel

Remove the replacement wheels from packaging and set aside the enclosed Allen wrench or hex key.

Position your hands on both sides of scooter's front wheel.

Insert the Allen wrench in the longer, left front axle bolt.

Turn the Allen wrench to loosen the axle bolt, then pull out the bolt.

Insert the Allen wrench in the smaller, right-front axle bolt, then pull out the bolt.

Remove the wheel.

Replace Wheel Bearings and Spacer

Hold the wheel in your hand and position the Allen wrench at a diagonal angle in the middle of the wheel.

Push in the Allen wrench to pop out the metal bearing.

Pluck out the small, circular metal spacer from the middle of the wheel.

Turn over the wheel and remove the bearing from the other side by repeating this process.

Pick up the new wheel and press firmly on both sides of the bearing to push the bearing into the wheel. If the bearing does not easily fit into the new wheel, lightly tap it with a hammer or screwdriver.

Turn over the new wheel and insert the spacer, followed by the bearing on top of the spacer.

Replace the Wheel

Position the new wheel between the metal forks at the front of the scooter.

Align the spacer using the Allen wrench.

Slide the longer axle bolt into fork on the wheel. Turn the Allen wrench to tighten the bolt.

Slide in the second axle bolt and tighten with the Allen wrench.

Repeat the process for the back wheel.