How to Repair the Fur on a Stuffed Animal

If you have ever owned a favorite stuffed animal, one you loved and hugged for many years, it probably suffered from balding and loss of fur. If you have children, this problem may occur with their favorite stuffed animal. Balding occurs from excess play, constant washing and drying, and other factors. If this problem occurs, there are ways to reverse the damage, including repairing the fur by yourself or taking it to a stuffed animal restoration service.

Air-dry the stuffed animal's fur and fluff the fur as best you can.

Mark the parts of the stuffed animal that requires new fur using a non-permanent marker. When you are choosing fake fur, match the color of the stuffed animal as closely as possible.

Cut the fake fur to match the length of the stuffed animal 1. Use a matted knife or precision scissor for extra accuracy.

Sew the fake fur onto the animal with invisible thread. Make sure there is enough fake fur to cover the balding area, but not too much to cause a large, clump-like appearance. Align the fur and sew the seems with your invisible threading. Once you have repaired the fur on your stuffed animal, finish the job with an air-dry.


Consider consulting a stuffed animal restoration service (see Resources) if you cannot find matching fake fur for your stuffed animal or you believe the job requires a professional.

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