How to Make a Baby Weight Pool Chart

New babies are exciting for everyone involved, not just the parents. Baby showers are thrown, tiny clothes are purchased and the friends and family members of the parents-to-be start giving their opinion of when the baby will arrive and how big she will be at birth. Many people make a game out of this at baby showers; everyone gets to pick a date, length and weight of the baby and the winner gets a prize. A good way to keep track of everyone’s guesses is to create a baby chart 1.

Pick the colors you want to use to decorate the chart; magic markers work well on the type of construction or cardboard paper you are using. Ideas include using pink if the baby is a girl or blue if it's a boy. You can also use gender neutral colors such as yellow or green, or find out the color theme of the baby's nursery and use those colors.

Draw a chart. The chart should have columns and rows. The chart should have at least two columns and as many rows as there are participants. Provide one column for the participants' names, one column for their guesses and additional columns for any other categories you choose. Use a ruler to evenly measure each column and row as large as you think it needs to be.

Write the heading of each column on the first row. Write “Name” on the first row of the first column and write “Birth Weight” on the first row of the second column. Add extra categories such as “Estimated Due Date” in the third column, “Length” in the fourth and “Time of Birth” in the fifth column if you want to make the game more in-depth.

Ask participants to write their name under the “Name” column on the next available row and their predictions in the correct columns of the same row as their name.