Lego Mega Blok Design Ideas

Mega Bloks are similar to traditional Lego pieces, but they are several times larger, as they are designed for toddlers and younger children. They are not designed by Lego, and are from a different company. The larger size of the pieces make it more difficult for a child to swallow the pieces and potentially choke. Mega Blok design ideas include several possibilities, many of which are similar to Lego projects.


The Mega Bloks website gives building plans for specific Mega Blok kits and sets. You can search the website by using a key word or a name, or, if you have a specific set in mind, you can also search for it based on the retail set number. The website offers many possible building plans with paired retail Mega Blok kits.


Mega Bloks are not only available as specific building kits and sets, they are also organized thematically. For example, the Mega Bloks "Blok Town" theme has multiple pieces and building options within the theme itself, such as a pony stable and a garage. Building with Mega Bloks under one theme allows your child to create his own world for his toys.

Combining Sets from Different Themes

One of the best aspects of Mega Bloks as a toy is that they are easy to combine. If you have many different sets of Mega Bloks, try mixing them together to create new designs and ideas. For example, combining a castle Mega Bloks kit and a pirate ship kit can be the gateway to a fantasy game of princes, dragons, pirates and treasure. Mixing up the themes can give new life to Mega Blok kits. Mega Bloks sells Imagination and Creativity kits that have a larger number of pieces, and are designed to allow your child’s imagination to run free.

Murals and 2D Objects

While 3D figures and theme kits are the most well known uses for Mega Bloks, you can also use them to build a non-3D image. Using differently colored blocks, you can build or duplicate a favorite picture or design.