Lego ideas & instructions

Having the right design plan and an amazing imagination are essential when building a Lego masterpiece 1. No matter a person's age or skill level, there's truly something appealing to Lego building blocks 1. Since 1932, For over 80 years, the LEGO Co. has given imagination and the freedom of design to its creators 1. Beginning with small and simple designs, Lego creators will soon be building upon the basics and fashioning works of art 1.

Pre-Designed Lego Sets

For children who feel more comfortable building a pre-designed toy, Lego box sets are ideal 1. These boxed sets come with instructions on how to build a specific designed set. Instructions are illustrated, they are not written. By following the steps, children are able to build their boxed set, but also build a creation on their own.

Basic Design Ideas

Easy Lego design ideas for beginners include barns, castles and houses 1. These designs can be small or large, depending on how many pieces are available. Assemble a flat base and then establish four walls, which connect to the bottom base. Lego pieces simply stack on top of one another and stay in place 1. From the tops of the walls, children can stagger pieces into a pyramid to form a roof top. Design options for barns, castles and houses include:

  • doors
  • columns
  • towers,
  • windows

Intermediate Design Ideas

For children who begin to master the technique of using Lego pieces, more elaborate designs become possible 1. Advanced design ideas include people, animals and intricate castle and village designs. Such design ideas are based upon basic constructions, but many features are added to the designs. People and animal designs, in particular, require quite a bit of time, as they're more detail-oriented. It's important to understand how even the smallest of LEGO pieces are used to accurately complete a project 1.

Advanced Design Ideas

Outer space objects, means of transportation and bridges are challenging Lego design ideas for children who've mastered basic constructions and are ready to move forward 1. These ideas take the basic square Lego designs and add dimension 1. Outer space objects, such as planets and stars, would be round, while trucks and cars would shaped more like cubes. Bridges are a flat construction, with exception of the two columns, one each at the end of the bridge. Understanding how to stagger pieces to connect Legos is vital when building these designs.