How to Massage a Child's Stomach for Constipation

Children aren't usually as concerned about going to the bathroom as they are playing with their friends or toys. It may even be hard for them or you to realize that they are constipated to begin with. Monitor your child's bowel habits while she is young. If she has three and four days in between bowel movements or her stools are large, hard, dry and painful to pass, then your child is constipated 1. A massage can be a helpful technique to relieve your child's constipation 3.

Consult your doctor first. Make sure that constipation is the actual issue and not something else 2.

Give your child a warm bath. This will help to relax your child, which can prepare him for the massage and even help to relax his bowels.

Place your child in a warm room before doing the massage. This is especially necessary if you are removing the child's clothing.

Use a hypoallergenic oil to rub in between your hands. Warm your hands by rubbing them together vigorously.

Ask your child permission to touch her tummy. If she doesn't want the massage, she is likely too tense to benefit from it.

Massage the child's stomach in a clockwise manner. Use firm but gentle pressure.

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