How to Make Really Cool Hairstyles for Kids

Children are sometimes obsessed with their hair. Girls may never want to get it cut. But when you have an overactive child, it becomes a hassle cleaning long hair. Some children hate to get their hair washed, so sometimes a shorter cut works well on a girl, or a buzz cut for a boy 1. Whatever hairstyle you choose for your kid, you can be almost assured that she'll want it to be super cool.

Cut the hair to chin-length for a fashionable cut. This style can be fastened to the front of the girl's face with barrettes, ribbons or hair clips.

Side swipe the fringe to frame her face. Tuck them away with a hair clip, barrette or headband.

Cut any split ends off long hair to maintain it. The number of ways a girl can wear long hair stops at the limit of her imagination. Long hair is good for girls who don't mind when their caregiver conditions and washes their hair. Long hair sometimes gets in the way, but she can always wear it up. Braid the hair, put it in pigtails or buns. Have fun with it and create a super cool hairstyle that will make your kid happy. Curl the hair by rolling it in foam rollers.

Cut your girl's hair above the ears if she is active or doesn't like having her hair brushed. No blow-drying or special treatments are necessary with this hairstyle.

Get the most "coolness" out of your boy's hair by cutting it long. He can then use gel to spike the hair. Or, gather the hair in the centre top of his head and flatten it out with your hands for a Mohawk style, dubbed faux-hawk, for fake Mohawk.

Cut his hair in layers and part it to one side. Hair that goes below the ears can be styled into a cool side-swept haircut.

Mushroom cut your child's hair 1. This is also referred to as a bowl because it looks like the hairdresser put a bowl on his head and cut around it. The term mushroom stems from the fact that the haircut makes the boy's head look like a mushroom, and that's pretty cool to him.

Buzz cut your boy's hair. You won't even need to shampoo his hair. It is the most low-maintenance haircut around, and it could prepare him for later in life when he might actually lose his hair.