Halloween Snack Ideas for Teenagers

Even though teens have outgrown trick-or-treating, celebrating Halloween is still an entertaining way to spend time with friends and dress up in crazy costumes. Making spooky holiday-themed snacks is an ideal way for your teen to spend some time in the kitchen learning to cook and offers her a new and exciting way to entertain guests at a party or when hanging out together.

Body Part Snacks

Many teenagers love the chance to frighten and startle their friends at Halloween. Serving up a table of snacks that look like body parts is a scary twist on the classic party buffet table. Cut fingers from bread and spread a small dab of jelly on the end to look like the fingernail. Serve mini meatballs in barbecue sauce and call them eyeballs. Bake a batch of onion rings, cut them into three or four curved pieces and tell guests that they are spider legs. Fried chicken wings can easily become bat wings with a simple name change. Dye hard-boiled egg yolks red with food coloring, pipe the yolk into the whites, add an olive slice on top and you have creepy deviled eggs that look like glowing eyes.

Seasonal Snacks

If your teen prefers snacks that are bit tamer than the gory and scary ones, opt for choices that are seasonal. Serve apple slices with caramel dip or sugar cookies cut into witch hats, black cats, ghost and pumpkins, then topped with icing and sprinkles. Teens can also use Halloween-themed cookie cutters to cut sandwiches and cheese slices. Make orange and black gelatin and top with whipped cream or cut ghosts out of tortillas, slather them with cream cheese and use olive slices to make eyes and a mouth. Popcorn balls and dishes filled with candy corn and other Halloween-themed candy help round out the spread.

Creative Snacks

If your teen is a whiz in the kitchen and loves to tie on an apron and create yummy treats, she has many ways to feed her friends and impress them at the same time. A batch of cupcakes is an ideal palette. She can spread them with brown or black frosting then pipe on tiny skeletons or frost them green and add a couple of mellowcream pumpkins to create a tiny pumpkin patch. A pizza crust spread with tomato sauce creates a "bloody" scene on which she can make skeletons from strips of mozzarella cheese or eyeballs from pepperoni slices topped with olive slices. Carving jack-o-lantern faces from apples and oranges and making mummies with toast strips topped with pizza sauce, thin strips of white cheese and olive slices are other spooky and creative Halloween snacks.


No gathering is complete without drinks. Dry ice, added to soda or fruit punch, becomes a spooky witch's brew. Your teen can also scoop out a pumpkin and fill it with cider 1. Adding meringue powder to lemonade, tinting it green with food coloring and tossing in sliced oranges creates an oozy drink that will leave your teen's friends a little bit grossed out, while quenching their thirst.