How to Gain Access to Your Child's Yahoo Email

A minor with a Yahoo email account might need parental permission to set up the account 2. According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, parents of children younger than 13 years have enhanced control over the personal information required by Internet services such as Yahoo 12. For this reason, Yahoo requires parental permission for children younger than 13 years of age to set up an account 2. Providing this permission will give you an opportunity to access your child’s account for monitoring purposes. If your child is 13 or older, gaining access will require an alternative process.

Younger Than 13

Visit the Yahoo website with your child to access the account your under-13-year-old created 2. Review the information your child provided on the account page to verify its accuracy. Note your child’s password to enable you to gain access to his email account.

Enter your credit card information to make a payment of 50 cents, as of 2013, to enable Yahoo to process the parental consent 2. Yahoo says it donates a portion of this payment to charity 2.

Submit the form to Yahoo to activate the account 2.

Monitor your child’s email account by logging in with Yahoo ID and the password 2.

13 and Older

Ask your child to provide you with her Yahoo identification and password to enable you to access her account 2.

Create an agreement with your child that she will not change her password without informing you of the change to ensure that you can have access to the account when you need it.

Enter the account information on the Yahoo website to log into your child’s email account 2.


The frequency you check your child’s email account is an individual decision based on your child’s age, her behavior and the level of trust built up between the two of you. If you sense warning signs such as slipping grades or changing attitudes, checking your child’s email account might be prudent.