Fun Ways to Get People Guessing a Baby's Gender

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or a later child, you will still have people ask if you know the gender of your expected child. If you’ve had a sonogram or genetic testing, you could know the gender already, or you could wait until after the birth for the answer. Either way, you can involve friends and family in guessing the baby’s gender with a few simple tactics.

Gender Pool

If they will bet on a sporting event through an office pool, they might do the same thing with the gender outcome of your pregnancy. At least with the gender, they have 50-percent chance of guessing the right answer, so make it more complex. In your gender pool, include other details that will whittle down winners, such as:

  • the day of the week the baby is born
  • time of day
  • weight
  • length

The winner will be the one with the most correct details. You could even set up the pool so that the baby gets half of the winnings because the baby had all the right answers.

Name Game

If you already know your baby’s gender, have some fun with the gender speculation. Choose neutral names to refer to the baby, such as Peanut, Tadpole, Chris or Francis and ask your family and friends to base their gender guess on the name. Change the name periodically to keep guessers on their toes. Don’t spell the name or use gender-descriptive pronouns to refer to the baby. Post a grid where participants can enter their guesses and state that you will award a small prize to one correct participant, chosen at random from those who guessed correctly.

Pregnancy Characteristics

Tell friends and family you are conducting your own research study to see how accurate their predictions are. Record each person’s name, prediction and the basis of the prediction to see who can most accurately foretell the gender of your baby. Check the results to see which elements predicted the most correct answers.

More Predictions

There are many folk wisdom ideas about predicting the gender of the baby. Use them as a theme for your baby shower and record which gender each method predicts. You could try suspending a pendulum created by your wedding ring on a string, with a circular motion indicating a girl and a linear swing indicating a boy. Chinese folk wisdom says you can predict the gender based on your age and the conception age, shares Ann Douglas, author of “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books” and “The Mother of All Baby Books,” on the Canadian Living website 4. Participants can also try reading tea leaves, using cards or other fortune-telling methods. When all the methods have been used and the methods tallied, you can reveal the answer if you know it.

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