Etiquette Lessons for Teens

By Flora Richards-Gustafson
Etiquette lessons help teens build confidence.
Etiquette lessons help teens build confidence.

Etiquette lessons for teens go beyond knowing how to appropriately shake a person’s hand. They help teens build communication skills, learn good manners and show respect for others and themselves. While some social norms may change over time, the basic rules of etiquette stay the same. It’s never too early for a young person to start learning lessons in social graces.


When teens participate in etiquette lessons, they learn the difference between personal style and dressing appropriately as a way to show respect. Girls learn about the best outfits to wear for different occasions, like for a date, dinner out with the family or a job interview. The teachers may also review makeup and hairstyling tips, the best ways to carry a purse and how to accessorize. Guys also learn about how to dress for different occasions, as well as knotting a tie, grooming tips and the way that clothes should look and fit. During the style lessons, etiquette teachers teach teens how to infuse their own personal style into an outfit for a special event in a way that’s unique and respectful.


Etiquette lessons help teens communicate in a way that’s clear and respectful in any situation. Teens learn the art of conversation, meeting and greeting others and civilly disagreeing. The lessons teach the young people about telephone etiquette, including manners regarding cell phone use. Some classes also include topics like dating etiquette and public speaking. In addition to covering proper correspondence, today’s etiquette lessons teach teens how to demonstrate social graces while texting or communication through social media channels.


Lessons in poise can help a teen look and feel confident, regardless of the situation. When etiquette classes teach about proper composure and acting confidence, young people learn how to maintain good posture, walk gracefully and sit properly. Lessons in composure also teach kids about using certain actions as a sign of respect, like standing and greeting a new guest who enters a room or being a considerate driver on the road.

Basic Table Manners

A place setting filled with different forks, spoons, plates and glasses can look intimidating to a teen. Many etiquette classes use a multi-course meal to teach young people how and when to use each item in a place setting, including the napkin. The lessons also cover how to eat different foods, like soup, pasta or tough meat. Such classes prepare teens to be good hosts at a party, gracious guests and respectful diners at a restaurant.

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