How to Donate Sports Equipment to Children in Need

If your kids have grown up or decided they no longer enjoy a particular sport, you might find yourself left with sports equipment that can still offer years of enjoyment. Because of school and community budget cuts, many children do not have access to sports equipment or programs. Donating your old sports equipment can put a smile on a child’s face while providing you with a tax deduction.

Make a list of all the sports equipment you have available for donation. This can include everything from soccer cleats to playground equipment. Determine the fair market value of each piece of equipment, or the amount someone would pay for the used items 3. For help determining this, call local used sports equipment stores and see what price they are selling similar items for.

Contact local schools or other community organizations, such as The Salvation Army or Boys & Girls Clubs, to see whether they accept donations. Let them know what equipment you have available. Some organizations might not accept everything you have, but can be a source to lead you to other possible organizations.

Set up a time with the organization to deliver the donations. Make out another list with all items donated and their fair market value. Include a statement on the list that you are donating these items to the specific organization. Write out your full name and the specific organization’s name. When you deliver the equipment, have an authorized representative sign the paper so you can use it to claim a tax donation.


Don’t forget those old running shoes or non-cleat athletic shoes. Nike offers program called ReUSE A SHOE. This program takes any old sneaker, regardless of brand, and breaks it down to be used for surfaces such as running tracks, basketball courts and tennis courts. Most Nike stores have drop boxes for shoe donations.