Child Etiquette Classes in South Bay

Help your child succeed and build self-confidence by enrolling her in an etiquette class that teaches manners and social skills. Classes are offered throughout the South Bay area at a variety of venues, including hotels, private residences and restaurants. Your child will learn skills such as table manners, conversation skills and tips for being a good host and guest.

Courteous and Cool

Courteous and Cool is an etiquette school that hosts classes throughout the South Bay area. The company strives to teach children, tweens and teens proper table manners, conversation skills, confidences and how to choose appropriate attire 2. Classes are open to children as young as 4 years old. Some of the classes Courteous and Cool offers include Proud 2 Be Polite and Dining 101. The most popular etiquette class it hosts is the modern cotillion program.

Gollatz Cotillion and Social Programs

Gollatz Cotillion and Social Programs offers a variety of etiquette courses for children 1. The classes take place at different locations throughout the South Bay area, including The Belmar Hotel in Manhattan Beach. The classes are offered to children in kindergarten through grade eight. Other classes the company hosts include 123 Manners in Minutes and Young and Polite Dining Class 2.

Please Pass the Manners

Please Pass the Manners provides classes on an assortment of topics, such as etiquette for country clubs, dining, parties and school 2. Classes take place at different locations throughout South Bay and are offered to children ages 5 to 18. Children learn skills through the etiquette classes, such as:

  • guest behavior
  • setting a table
  • telephone etiquette
  • table manners
  • writing thank you notes
  • conversation etiquette 2

Please Pass the Manners offers parents an opportunity to sit in on a class before enrolling their children 2.

Mindful Manners

Mindful Manners offers a two-day etiquette course to boys and girls ages 4 to 14. During the program, children learn social skills and manners through a combination of instruction, practice and role-playing 2. Some of the topics covered include:

  • greeting guests
  • table manners
  • holding utensils properly
  • appropriate conversation skills
  • manners at home
  • the importance of respecting other people 2

The classes are offered at a variety of venues, including churches, camps, schools and restaurants.