Cheese Platter Ideas for a Kids' Party

Kids might gobble up this traditional tray, but you can make it a little more kid-friendly.

Cheese platters are among the most common staples for a party. They're colorful, tasty and generally the ideal finger food to serve guests. Many kids love cheese and will quickly flock to the cheese platter, but you can enhance their food experience by making a cheese platter that is fun, tasty and looks amazing next to your other selections.

Cheese Selection

It's no secret that kids can be more than picky when it comes to new foods, so it's a good idea to have most of the cheese selections be common, mild-flavored cheeses. Mozzarella, Colby jack, mild cheddar and American are staples that most kids don't have a problem eating. For more experienced eaters or to humor the adults at the party, you can place a few more flavorful options on the platter such as blue cheese, brie, sharp cheddar, flavored feta chunks or others.

Cut It Out

Many cheeses are easy to cut, which can make them the ideal food craft. Use fun-shaped cookie cutters on semi-thick slices of your chosen cheeses. Cold cheeses are easier to cut. If your party has a theme, choose cookie cutters that go with the theme. Different animals and letters are available at craft or cooking stores and sometimes at your grocery store. Choose smaller cookie cutters to keep the pieces bite-size and finger-food friendly.


Cookie cutters aren't the only way to make cool shapes with cheeses. Because it's so easily cut, you can create nearly any design you want out of cheese. If you've ever been to a party and seen platters -- fruits, crackers, candies or combinations -- made to resemble Christmas trees around the holidays or different animals, you might have already gained inspiration for your kid-friendly cheese platter. Layering different shapes of cut cheese blocks can create nearly any design you want.

Taste Partners

Cheese platters often are adorned with crackers and fruits because taste pairings enhance the flavor of the cheese and can make the platter more appealing. Placing some colorful, healthy fruits around the platter can add to the aesthetic value while providing kids with more choice. Small cheese slices on tasty crackers can also help. Pears and apples are fine choices, too. Don't forget about dips, too. Cut cheese into thin, rectangular pieces such as french fries and have pretzel sticks and dips such as honey mustard or ranch.