Cheap Places to Have a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for a mother-to-be can get quite costly. From decorations to food to favors, you'll be spending lots of money to host a shower for a close friend or relative. To save money, consider selecting a free or inexpensive venue to host the expectant mother and her guests.

Community Center

Using a local community center as a baby shower venue is an inexpensive way to equip shower guests. Call the center's office to ask about availability of dates and pricing. Fees usually run a few hundred dollars for the time bracket. The center will often have several meeting rooms to accommodate a large or small guest list. If the community center has a large grass area, ask if you can hold the shower outdoors and turn it into a picnic.

Place of Worship

A local church or synagogue will often have additional rooms specifically used for social gatherings for the congregation. The church's fellowship hall or gymnasium will be an ideal place to hold a baby shower. If you are an active member of the congregation, the church administration may charge a nominal fee or ask for a small donation. Be sure to make reservations in advance to secure your spot as rooms can book fast for wedding or christening receptions.

Local Restaurant

A few of the mom-to-be's closest friends and family members can gather at a nearby restaurant or coffee house for an intimate shower 1. If the pricing is a bit expensive for a private room, ask for reservations in the far corner of the restaurant. To keep from disturbing other diners, have guests talk softly and play quiet shower games together. The restaurant may even allow a few decorations. Give guests a meal budget to keep from having to pay an expensive dinner bill.

At Home

The expectant mother's home is a free-of-charge venue to hold a baby shower. The advantage of having the shower in her home is that you will not have to transport presents from another place. Transform the living room or basement into a festive party room with baby-themed decorations and music. Guests can also congregate together on the patio or deck. If the mom-to-be or the host does not have room, then consider asking another friend to host the shower in her home instead of giving a gift.