Cake Ideas for a 13th Birthday

Thirteen is a milestone birthday, a crossover from young childhood into adolescence and teen-agerdom. Some teens want a theme party while others are ready for a more sophisticated party. Whatever style your teen wants, the cake should reflect his interests and wishes.

More Adult Cake

Sometimes the guest of honour would rather pass on the decorated cake and is ready for a more adult cake. This can be a personal favourite such as a cheesecake or even a favourite pie. Cakes can be decorated with chocolate-covered strawberries, nuts, chocolate chips or chocolate curls instead of candles and decorations. An ice cream cake is another idea that might appeal to a 13-year-old.

Personal Interests

Another great way to decorate a cake is with moulded chocolates. Focus on what your teen likes the most, whether it is sports, music, even cell phones or shopping. Moulded chocolates are easy to make and moulds can be found in thousands of styles, including sports equipment, animals, lipstick, purses and shoes. Purchase candy melts from a craft supply store, melt and fill the moulds. Candy melts can be found in various colours and flavours.

Look Alike Cakes

Another idea for a 13-year-old's cake is to make it look like a large package. Make the cake and cover in buttercream 1. Cover in tinted fondant and make a large bow with fondant or gum paste. You can always make the ribbons from the fondant and use a real ribbon large bow.

A big hamburger made with three layers and gum paste tomato, cheese and lettuce slices with a side of pound cake fries would be cute, as would any of the guest of honour favourite foods made of cake.