Party Ideas

How to Have a Nerdy Teen Party

Send out nerd-themed invitations. If you are having a themed nerd party, such as "Star Trek," or "Bow ties and Suspenders," make sure the invitation reflects the theme and that it includes information on what the teens should wear to the party. If you are having a general nerd party, you can choose from a wide range of nerd-themed invitations, including invitations made to look like the periodic table, or like a pocket protector.

Set the mood with nerdy decor. Greet guests with a welcome sign on the door, nerd style. For example, the sign could be written in computer code or in "klingon" for trekkie nerds. Have mini light sabers and plastic nerd glasses for all the guests, or make them all wear "Hello, my name is:" name tags. Play music from classic video games, like "Super Mario Brothers," in the background. Serve snacks based on the type of nerd party you are having. For a math-nerd theme, for example, you could set up cube cheese made to look like a graph. Include a pie baked in a square pan, as a "pi r squared" joke.

Play nerd-themed games. Plan to have several different game areas to give the guests plenty of options. Feature a chess area, a board game area and a video game area. If possible, include old video game consoles from the 80s and 90s, along with more modern, high-tech game consoles.

Plan nerdy contests. See who can solve a Rubik's cube the fastest. Divide the teens into two teams for challenging trivia games, with history, math and fantasy categories. Have a best-dressed nerd contest. Include categories such as best fantasy character, best nerd fashionista and best classic nerd.

Play nerdy movies. You can have these playing in the background or, if the party is also a sleepover, you can play one or two as the evening winds down. Ideal nerd movies include any of the "Star Wars" films, "Star Trek," "Back to the Future," "Wargames," "Fanboys" and "Revenge of the Nerds II."


Some classic "nerd" movies might be too mature for younger teens. Check with the other parents before choosing which films to show.

How to Make a Bowling Party Fun for Teens

Look for a bowling alley that offers something out of the ordinary. Some venues offer glow in the dark bowling, loud, youth-oriented music, arcades, miniature golf and billiards tables. Call the bowling alleys within your area to see which one has the most to offer on your budget. If you reserve a venue that offers other attractions, increase the length of the party to make sure the teens have a chance to enjoy the additional activities. If you can't lengthen the party time, have the kids check out the arcade or play a round of billiards while other members of the party group are bowling.

Arrange the party foods to keep a hungry party crowd satiated. Find out if the bowling alley will allow you to bring in your own foods or if you must purchase the food offered at the party venue. If the on-site menu is out of your budget range, you can have the party group meet at your home for a bite to eat before the party, or bring them back to the house after the event to fill up on popular party foods for teenagers, such as pizza, subs or nachos and cheese.

Divide the party group into teams to turn a friendly bowling match into a competition. Have the teams come up with a name for themselves to encourage a little team pride. Bring along plain bowling shirts -- ordinary white T-shirts work fine, too -- and have the kids write their team's name across the back of the shirts with fabric pens or markers. Hand out trophies or prizes at the end of the event for the team with the highest score, the best and worst bowlers, and the funniest bowler of the evening.

Call out different requirements for each round of bowling to make the game more interesting and create a few giggles. You can have the teens try bowling with their non-dominant hand, aim for a particular pin, close their eyes, bowl kiddie-fashion with both hands or speed-sing while the ball rolls toward the pins.

Things You Will Need

  • Party foods
  • Plain bowling shirts or white T-shirts
  • Fabric pens or markers
  • Trophies or prizes

Superman Themed Birthday Parties and Children's Activities


Send out invitations in the shape of the Superman logo. In the middle of the logo, put a picture of your child in a Superman costume instead of the "S." Include wording on the inside related to Superman. For example, you might write, "Help Superman Daniel save the world and celebrate his 5th birthday!" The invitation should include all the details of the party. Include a line encouraging parents to bring their kids to the party wearing their favorite superhero costumes.


Cover the party area with red and blue streamers. If you are having the party outdoors, hang the streamers between trees, if possible. Tie red and blue balloons together on your lamp post, on the legs of tables, or cover the ceiling with them if the party is indoors. Most party stores carry Superman-themed tablecloths and tableware, or you can simply use plain red and blue tableware. Go for Superman-themed snacks, such as cookies in the shape of Superman's logo, or, for a healthy snack, blueberry and raspberry yogurt parfaits. Of course, the cake should also be decorated with a Superman theme.


Create a "superhero training" obstacle course for the kids using items you have around your home. For example, set up sturdy cardboard boxes to crawl through, plastic hoops on the ground to hop into on one foot, a low table to crawl under, a wooden plank set on cement blocks, and a toddler slide that they must "fly" down face-first onto a soft mat. For older children, time them through the course and give a prize to the child with the fastest time. For another game, have a few adults or teen siblings dress up like classic Superman "bad guys" such as Lex Luthor and Bizarro. The kids must try to tag the bad guys and tie them up. At least three kids must tag a bad guy at the same time to "catch" him. The kids then get to tie him to a chair using crepe streamers.

Other Activities

Have the kids design their own superhero logos using the Superman diamond shape. Give the kids small poster board cut-outs of the diamond shape, markers, glitter and other craft supplies to get as creative as they would like with their logos. The kids can take their logos home and hang them in their rooms as decoration. For another activity, have the kids write down one super power they want to have on a piece of paper. Put all their papers in a small box and mix them up. The kids come up one at a time to pick a super power and try to act it out.

How to Word Invitations for an End of Year Kids' Party

Start with words that suggest a party. You can always start with the standard "You're invited," but build even more excitement with more enticing opening language. "You can't miss this party" or "Join us for the party of the year" make the get-together sound more entertaining.

Use catchy words and phrases that align with the end-of-the-year theme throughout the rest of the invitation, too. You might say "Come ready to learn how to have an exciting summer" or "Leave your pencils and paper at home because you won't be needing them."

Include party particulars. Though not necessarily exciting, you must include the details of the party including the address, date and time of the gathering. A simple list that includes this information is sufficient and shouldn't monopolize too much of the space on your invitation.

Include contact information. Ask guests to RSVP if their child plans to attend your end of the year party. Provide your telephone number or email address so parents can let you know their plans.


Print your invitations on brightly colored paper, such as pencil yellow or schoolhouse red. If you're particularly crafty, decorate the invitations with paper cut outs of pencils, notebooks and other school supplies. School-themed stickers are another idea to help jazz up your invitations. Consider inviting your child's teacher and the parents of her classmates. That will give the children the opportunity to say goodbye to their teacher and will encourage the parents to form positive relationships that will last as the children go through several more years of school together.


Consider inviting your child's entire class to your party. Chances are that word will be out and children who aren't invited are bound to get their feelings hurt.

Kids Party Places Near Plant City, Florida

Gymnastics Party

At Gymtek, 20 minutes away in Lakeland, birthday party packages include a full hour of gymnastics activities and games, led by an instructor, as well as lobby use for serving cake and opening presents. Gymnastics Etc. is also in Lakeland and offers party packages that include two hours of instructed gymnastics activities, a rock wall, bounce house, trampolines and a party room for cake and gifts. LaFleur's Tampa is 26 minutes by car and hosts birthday parties for kids 2 to 12 that includes 90 minutes of gym activities with an instructor and 30 minutes in a party room.

Skating Party

If you make the 18 minute drive to Brandon, you can hold your child's birthday party at Skateland Brandon. Packages include free invitations, skating for all party guests and a birthday announcement over the intercom. You can purchase food and drinks separately and you can bring your own cake and ice cream. United Skates of America Inc. in Tampa has an assortment of birthday party packages to choose from. All packages include admission and skate rental for all your guests, a party host, invitations, paper goods and a souvenir skate cup and trip to the funny money machine for the birthday child. Some packages also include pizza, drinks, party favors and game tokens.

Mini Golf or Arcade Party

You can take your birthday child and his friends for a mini golf party at Ace Golf in Brandon. The Works party package includes unlimited mini golf, use of the batting cages, drinks, pizza, cake, tableware and a party host, along with a free mini-golf pass for each guest to use at another time. At Chuck E. Cheese's, also in Brandon, you can choose from several party packages that each include reserved table space, tokens, a balloon for the birthday boy, drinks, pizza, tableware and a party host. Additional options include extra tokens, a pinata, goody bags, ice cream cups and balloons for all the guests.

Additional Venues

Your birthday child could have a prehistoric party at Dino World in Plant City. Packages include admission for each guest, goody bags, gem bags and activities like a fossil dig and play time on the playground. Delightful Sounds, 20 minutes away in Lithia, is a fun place to hold a kid's birthday party. Your party guests can meet animals, go on train rides and participate in interactive music activities. At Sweet and Sassy in Tampa, your princess can choose from a Magical Fairy party, Ultimate Spa party, DJ Dance party or an Enchanted Princess party. Packages include tableware, cake, a party coordinator and a gift for each guest to take home.

Party Places for Teenagers in New Hampshire

Water Parks

Kahuna Laguna -- an indoor water park in North Conway -- boasts 40,000 square feet of water fun. Your teen and his guests can spend time going down the four high-speed tube slides, body surfing in a wave pool and playing water basketball. The water park offers packages for parties, allowing your party guests to enjoy their own event room, pizza and arcade tokens in addition to two hours of water park time. Water Country is a large outdoor water park in Portsmouth, featuring more than a dozen water slides along with an adventure river and giant wave pool. Rent a cabana or set up a party station in one of the grassy grove areas.

Entertainment Centers

Funway Park in Litchfield offers party packages that include go-kart rides, a game of laser tag, a round of mini-golf and batting cage tokens. The packages also include two hours of time at a reserved party table with pizza, a personalized cake, ice cream, balloons and drinks. Space Entertainment Center in Hooksett also offers party options that include laser tag and arcade tokens with similar food choices. For a party favor, the Space Entertainment Center sends a gift card with each guest for a future visit.

Bowling Alleys

Boutwell's Bowling Center in Concord offers affordable party packages that include one hour of bowling, cake or cupcakes, ice cream cups, soda and time in the party room. Glow bowling parties -- where the lights are shut off and the music is loud -- are offered on Saturday nights. King Bowling Lanes in Manchester offers similarly priced packages, with the option of adding on bowling-themed party favors for your teen's guests.

Spa Day

For a teen who would prefer a day of relaxation as opposed to running around inside an arcade, consider hosting a spa day for her and her friends. Pick a package to suit her personality -- and your budget -- at Serendipity Spa in Pembroke. The spa offers teen glamour and sweet 16-themed birthday parties that can include a private relaxation room, outdoor patio overlooking the pond, use of the full kitchen and catering from a local restaurant. Chill Spa in Manchester offers parties of manicures and pedicures only, which are held in the spa's boutique, or other spa treatments which are held in the "chill zone." Party groups are welcome to bring their favorite snacks, drinks and music.

Indoor Playgrounds for Birthday Parties Near Saint Paul, Minnesota

Aquatic Playgrounds

The city of Saint Paul operates a few indoor aquatic centers that have play structures and water park fun. The Great River Water Park features small water slides for little kids, larger slides for the older kids, rope climbing elements, a diving board, lap pool and many other water play toys. The facility rents out a party room with a swim, cake and ice cream package as well as a larger package that adds in a meal. Highland Park Aquatic Center also provides party packages. It has an aquatic climbing wall, two-story water slide, drop slides, splash pad and diving boards.

Amusement Rides and Game Centers

Just 10 miles from downtown Saint Paul in Woodbury, you will find Wooddale Fun Zone. It has three main zones -- a roller skating rink, a soft-play play structure for kids 10 and under and a video arcade center. It offers birthday packages that pizza, a party table and paper products. You can choose from which zone to have access, or take the package that opens up all three. With a location in West Saint Paul, another option is having a party at Chuck E. Cheese. Its party package includes a visit with the mascot, game tokens, pizza, a goody bag, ice cream and cake.

Themed Playgrounds

The city of Woodbury operates the Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground. It is filled with lifelike forests, caves and other nature elements. Kids can enjoy the mountain slides, tree house and cliff climbing. The facility will host your birthday party, taking care of the food and drinks. Eagle's Nest Indoor Playground is in New Brighton, 14 miles north of Saint Paul. It has slides, climbing walls, foam pits and ball pits all in a outdoor, nature theme. Party packages include party favors, a private room, balloons, cupcakes and decorations. Several packages are available, making it easy to find the one just right for you.

Playground with Inflatables

Monkey House in White Bear Lake, 8 miles from Saint Paul, provides numerous inflatable toys, including bounce houses, slides, jousting games and obstacle courses. For your birthday party needs, it provides invitations, private use of the facility, a party room, pizza, fruit punch, decorations and a party host. Club Just Jump is also a possibility, located 10 miles from Saint Paul in Woodbury. There you will find several party packages from which to choose, providing bounce houses, obstacle courses and all kinds of other inflatables.

Children's Birthday Party Venues in Columbus, Ohio

Science and History Venues

Finding an exciting place for a birthday that also is educational may be of interest. The Santa Maria is a full-sized replica of the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492. It features a pirate-themed birthday party with tours of the ship, pirate hats, games, goody bags and cake. The Center of Science and Industry is a hands-on science museum with party packages for kids. It offers different themes including dinosaur fossil digs, mystery-solving adventures, an astronaut adventure and gross science experiments. Each party includes a private party room, a host guide, cake and decorations.

Creative Space

Kids love to make stuff, so consider a place where kids can get creative during the party. Creation Nation is an art studio that features themed parties for kids; you can have a fused glass art and jewelry making party, a paint-your-own pottery party or an Orange Elephant party especially suited for kids ages 3 to 7. At Build-A-Bear Workshop, each child gets to make a teddy bear to take home during a party featuring a private room and decorations. The Young Chef's Academy offers make-your-own-food parties; choose from a variety of foods to make such as pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs and cupcakes.

Outdoors and Wildlife Places

If you have a summer birthday, consider one of the many outdoor options for a party. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will host your birthday party with a safari adventure theme or an after-hours party at the Grand Carousel. Zoo staff will take care of the decorations, setup and cleanup in your own private room. Antrim Park is a 119-acre green space with a lake for fishing, hiking trails and plenty of open fields for play. It has a shelter house available for reservation. Big Run Park is another possibility featuring wetlands, wooded areas for exploring and a shelter house for your party space.

Fun Centers

Magic Mountain Fun Center features bumper boats, go-karts, mini golf, laser tag, a large arcade and a playground structure. It offers a variety of birthday party packages; staff take care of the planning, setup and cleanup for you. At Galaxy Games and Golf you can have a party package featuring pizza, soda, admission to the mini golf or play gym, decorations, a private party room and arcade tokens for each guest. The facility has a nine-hole animal-themed golf course, an 18-hole course with caves and waterfalls, 3,500-square-foot indoor playground and a video arcade room.

How to Host a Sleepover for Teenagers

Schedule the slumber party on a night when the teens don't have school the next day. Also, review your calendar to ensure you don't have any other commitments the following morning. The guests are likely to stay up late -- if they sleep at all.

Set ground rules for the sleepover so the teen don't get out of control. The rules are meant to keep the guests safe and may include not leaving the house, staying out of chatrooms or other potentially dangerous websites and going to bed by a certain time.

Choose the maximum number of guests and stick with your limit. The number should depend on your personal preference and the amount of available space. A large group may result in arguments or cliques as well as high noise levels and the need for more food than you have prepared for.

Sit down with your teen to get her input on the party details. Help her create a guest list that stays within your limits and your budget. Brainstorm activity ideas and make a food list together. Take notes as a reference when you're finalizing the details.

Gather contact information for each guest's parents in case an emergency arises. Make contact with the other parents before the sleepover if possible to discuss the details and ground rules you set.

Plan activities to keep the teens entertained. Ideas include home spa treatments, manicures, makeovers, movies, games and crafts. Use your teen's requests as a guide when planning the activities. Gather the materials necessary for the activities, but don't plan on actually leading the group through the steps. Your teen won't likely want you in the room during the sleepover.

Offer food the teens can grab on their own. A buffet-style presentation of food gives the teens variety and easy access. If the teens cook themselves, stay nearby to supervise to avoid kitchen fires or burns.


Since your teen won't likely want you hovering, find a spot near the sleepover activities so that you are still in the area without invading privacy. Peak in occasionally to check on the teens.

Birthday Party Locations for Girls in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Spa Party

Plan a spa-themed birthday party for your daughter and her friends. Nail salons in West Chester can pamper the party guests with manicures and pedicures to celebrate your daughter’s big day. Hanna’s Nails has special manicure prices for kids ages 10 and younger. The salon and spa also has a variety of pedicure options, such as an aromatherapy spa pedicure or a deluxe spa pedicure. Zazen Nail Spa -- another location for a spa party in West Chester -- uses natural and organic products in its services. The spa not only offers a variety of manicures and pedicures, but it also offers mini-facials. When scheduling your party, ask the salon you choose about group discounts and which services are age-appropriate for your guests.

Tea Party

Choose a venue in West Chester that can host your daughter’s birthday tea party. The Lincoln Room is a venue that captures the charm of 19th century West Chester. The tea room is available for parties and serves teas, desserts, sandwiches, salads and treats. Take Time for Tea is a company in West Chester that brings a tea party to you. You can choose from among themes such as Alice in Wonderland, teddy bears or a princess tea party. If you do not want to host the tea party in your home, consider renting a room at the Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center.

Dance Parties

Create a memorable event for your daughter’s birthday by hosting a dance party. Dance studios in the West Chester area have party options available to entertain your guests. Harrison Dance Studios hosts 90-minute events that provide dance instruction, cake and ice cream. You can choose from party themes the studio provides or create your own. Diane Matthews School of Dance Arts also has private dance parties. The parties include an hour of dance instruction for ballet, hip hop or creative movement. The dance school provides the paper goods for you to bring your own cake and ice cream while enjoying 30 minutes in the party room.


Plan a themed picnic, such as a princess picnic or a pink party, at one of West Chester’s parks. Choose paper goods, decorations, party favors and foods to go along with your theme. Marshall Square Park and Everhart Park both provide beautiful scenery for your party. Marshall Square Park has a gazebo, fountain and garden for your guests to enjoy. Bring blankets to enjoy your picnic in the grass. Everhart Park is the largest park in West Chester Borough. It has picnic areas and a playground to make the party special.

Good Places to Throw a Kid's Birthday Party in Connecticut

Arts and Crafts Venues

You may have a budding artist celebrating a birthday. Consider the art studio Best Time Ever in Stamford. It hosts birthday parties centered around creating themed-crafts while also supplying the cake, party favors, pizza, art supplies and invitations. Sew Create and Celebrate is another option with locations in New Canaan and Norwalk. You can have a sewing, American Girl, Stuff-a-Plush or Plastercraft party with ice cream sundaes and party favors as add-ons. At the Cookie Workshop in Trumbull, your partygoers can eat their creation. The party package includes a private party room, decorations, cookie creating supplies, a party coordinator and a cupcake tower.

Sports and Game Centers

Perhaps you have an extremely active bunch for your party. Stamford Twin Rinks in Stamford will host an ice-skating party for you. It includes skating to your choice of music, pizza, drinks, party supplies, a private room, a host and arcade tokens. In Cheshire, you will find Whippersnapper's Play Gym with party packages for 1- to 8-year-olds. It incorporates active games, music and fun in its indoor gym. The party will include decorations, host-led games, setup, cleanup, exclusive use of the facility and cake if you would like. The Sports Center of Connecticut in Shelton features mini golf, batting cages, ice-skating, laser tag, arcade games and paintball. It has party packages that provide the pizza, beverages, coordinator, use of sports equipment and a private party room.

Outdoors and Wildlife

If your birthday celebration happens during the warm season, consider an outdoor setting. The Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport offers birthday packages that include carousel rides, pizza, drinks, animal encounters, critter crafts, paper goods, a party coordinator and zoo admission. Riverview Farms in South Glastonbury features a corn maze, a petting zoo, hayrides and an ice cream shop. There, you can have a party under a sheltered picnic area with food, ice cream, hayrides, animal encounters -- and setup and cleanup -- included.


The New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks will host your child's birthday party amid its collection of vintage planes and aviation artifacts. You will have use of a private party room, a choice of an activity such as open cockpit, arts and crafts or themed tour and admission to the museum. The New England Carousel Museum in Bristol offers birthday packages that have carousel rides, a party room, themed arts and crafts, goody bags, a gift for the birthday child, tables and chairs. Kid City in Middletown is a children's museum with several themed activity rooms, including a pirate ship and a farm. It has a private party room and is an ideal spot for kids ages 1 to 5.

Birthday Party Locations on Long Island, NY


If you have a bunch of tumblers and jumpers itching to find a place to unwind, try looking into a gymnasium or gymnastics center. The Little Gym has locations in Merrick and Smithtown offering an "Awesome Birthday Bash" for your little one. Trained instructors will lead exciting games and activities for your party. You will have the place to yourself, and staff members will also handle setup and cleanup. Long Island City Kids, located in western Queens, will also host your birthday party. With exclusive access to the gym for two hours, your party will include food, drinks, games, a theme of your choice and a host to help with the preparations.

Party Places

Some venues are made specifically for parties. Chilibeans Party Place in Hempstead will create a customized birthday party for your child. It has a variety of themes, carnival games, face painting, play structures, dancing activities and crafts in order to tailor the party to exactly what your child would want. Funtasia in Brooklyn provides a jungle-themed gymnasium, air hockey, video game consoles, foosball tables and a bounce house. You will have a party room with a dance floor, special effects lighting and a bubble show. The party package includes pizza, party favors, invitations, juice and decorations.

Inflatable Bounce Centers

In Deer Park you will find Kangaroo Kids Inflatable Party Center ready to accommodate your party needs. With private access to obstacle courses, bounce houses, slides and tunnels, your party will have pizza, juice and invitations with possible extras such as cake, goody bags, a tattoo station and a bubble machine. At Bounce U in Brooklyn, you can book a party that has beverages, pizza, party favors, cake, balloons, invitations and a party host. The facility features giant bounce stadiums complete with all the inflatable climbing toys you would want.

Fun Centers

A family fun center may be just what you want. Bayville Adventure Park in Bayville features a state-of-the-art miniature golf course, bumper boats, a jungle adventure area, bungee bouncing, a mirror maze, train rides, arcades, rock climbing and water balloon wars. Your party will include three of your child's favorite attractions along with pizza, beverages and invitations. Active Kidz in Jericho is a laser tag facility with rock climbing, arcades, inflatables, glow-in-the-dark dancing and laser mazes. Party packages include access to your choice of attractions, food, drinks, party favors and a private room.

Popular Teen Party Themes

Celebrate the Milestone

Whether your party is to celebrate the initial entrance into the teen years, the sweet 16 birthday or the moment when your teen turns 18, find a theme to go along with those important milestones. For a 13th birthday party, include your teen in the planning. Some ideas include laser tag, mini golf, paintball, water balloon fights, a pool party or a water park. The sweet 16 party can be a number of themes, including a dance party complete with a deejay, pop music and a dance floor. With your 18-year-old now able to hit the dance and comedy clubs, perhaps a night out on the town in a rented limo would be an exciting party.

Celebrate the Past

Young people often enjoy dressing up in clothing from a decade. Popular decades for nostalgia are the 1970s or 1980s. Find out from your teen which would be the most fun. The '80s party would bring in the bright colors, big hair, leggings and glam rockers. If the disco vibe is more appealing, then the '70s would be exciting with the strobe lights, disco balls, dance floors, bell-bottoms and leisure suits.

Bring on the Pop Culture

You could make a pop culture icon become the theme for the party. Some popular ideas are Harry Potter, "Glee," One Direction and "Twilight." Your teen might not be into any of those, so choose something that will be cool to the particular crowd at your party. Whatever is your teen's favorite movie, pop star or TV show would be a safe choice to create a theme. The more iconic, the more likely you will find party supplies and game ideas for your theme.

Just for Girls

Your daughter might just want a night with the girls. You can create a spa-like atmosphere at home with beauty treatments, makeovers and hairstyle creations, or take the party to an actual spa for a thrilling experience for everyone. Your young lady might be into crafts and pajamas parties. If so, a slumber party theme might be a hit. You can plan an interesting craft such as scrapbooking, memory boxes, friendship bracelets or creative baking.

Healthy Snack Ideas for a Teacher's Birthday Party

Alphabet Sandwiches

Almost every school teacher has the alphabet bordered around her classroom wall. Transform the complete alphabet into finger sandwiches for guests to nibble on. Take two slices of whole-wheat bread and spread hummus on both slices. Pick one alphabet letter cookie cutter and press it in the sandwich. Remove the excess pieces of bread to make the perfect alphabet shape. Continue making the sandwiches to create the entire alphabet and place them on a tray. Additionally, you can fill a few sandwiches with sunflower seed butter or low-fat turkey and cheese.

Bookworm Grapes

All teachers encourage their students to read books to enhance their learning experience. As a silly play on words, use a bunch of green grapes to create edible bookworms. Simply take grapes and slide them on several wooden skewers. Use black icing gel to create eyes and a smile on the first grape on each skewer. Put the grape skewers with the faces upward in a mug and place on stacks of books to add a creative touch. Make sure to have a bowl of Greek yogurt nearby that guests can use for dipping sauce.

Edible School Buses

Teachers may wave goodbye to children as they board the school bus after school. Recreate the yellow school vehicle with reduced-fat cheddar cheese slices. Press a school bus-shaped cookie cutter in the cheese slices. Remove the excess cheese to create the perfect bus shape. Place each of the cheese slices on top of a whole-grain cracker and put them on a large tray for easy accessibility for the party guests to grab. For a creative touch, use small chopped apple pieces for bus windows and chopped olives for school bus wheels.

Apple Muffins

Apples are common treats given to teachers by their students. Use the fruit to create apple muffins as a birthday cake alternative for the party. Instead of using refined sugar and flour in your usual muffin recipe, substitute the ingredients with whole-wheat flour and brown sugar to create the muffin batter. Chop several apples into small pieces and toss them in the batter. Mix the batter and pour into muffin tins. Bake in the oven until browned. Alternatively, make apple bread. Pour the batter in a loaf pan to bake and cut into slices when it's dessert time.

Entertainment for a Baby's Birthday Party in Dallas, Texas


Babies love touching things that are soft and cuddly, so bring a petting zoo to the party. There are a number of traveling petting zoo providers in the Dallas area that can provide an array of animals such as emus, ducks, miniature horses, cows, sheep, llamas and alpacas to your baby's party. Many of the zoos also offer pony rides to guests. Providers include Ewepet Petting Zoo and Pony Rides, A One Of A Kind Pony Party, God's Little Critters, Zooniversity -- The Teaching Zoo and The Happy Dragon.


Does your baby enjoy a certain television show or have a favorite movie character? Consider hiring a professional character impersonator for the party. From Minnie Mouse to Batman, there is a variety of character options available for parties in Dallas. The Fun Factory offers over 250 character choices and provides character interaction with all the guests at the party. My Big Head Friend offers character appearances, along with face painting and a cotton candy buffet, while It's A Party Today! features costumed entertainers and themed decorations for the event.


Magicians are a childhood favorite and can provide hours of entertainment for your guests -- young and old. Gregg the Magic Balloon Guy features both magic and balloon work. Guests will be amazed at the magic, and children will each receive a balloon masterpiece of their own. Kane Magic Entertainment provides magic shows catered to the child's age and offers a variety of packages. Mago Ali provides not only magic, but face painting, balloon artists, fire eaters, clowns and more.

Full-Service Companies

Busy parents may find that with caring for a baby makes planning a party impossible. Companies like Giggly Kids on the Go offer full service party planning. Giggle Kids caters the party to your child's interests. From teddy bear tea parties to dino digs, they can cater the party to any crowd. These party pros come to your home or party location and set up everything. They provide all the decorations, games, entertainment and activities. Parents can sit back, relax and enjoy the party along with the guests.

Other Entertainment

Le Theatre de Marionette performs a show with handcrafted marionettes to bring traditional entertainment to the party. TNT Entertainment provides trackless trains for your junior engineer to take a ride, and Starlight Productions rents inflatable movie screens to play your child's favorite movie.

Foods to Prepare for a Kid's Polka Dot Party


There are many varieties of cereal that are shaped like circles, and any one of them would make a good snack for a polka dot birthday party. Don't stop at filling a bowl and slapping it on the snack table though. Use O-shaped cereal and you'll have a ready-made party activity, too. Provide guests with the cereal and pre-cut pieces of string so they can make necklaces and bracelets. Not only will the activity provide a tasty snack, but it will also help keep the children occupied during down times in your party schedule. Along those same lines, circle-shaped pretzels or cheese balls would fit nicely on your snack table.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are nutritious and most children enjoy the taste, too. Use a melon baller to cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and pineapple. The spheres align with your polka-dot theme and the fruit provides a colorful addition to the snack table. Cut circle-shaped fruit, such as kiwis and oranges, into slices as another way to make polka-dot-themed snacks. Sliced bananas, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and carrots are additional ideas that would align with your theme.

More Filling Options

If you're hosting your polka dot party around lunch or dinner time, more filling snacks might be in order. Make peanut butter and jelly or lean deli meat sandwiches and cut them into circle shapes with a cookie cutter. Spread halved bagels or English muffins with pizza sauce and top them with mozzarella cheese to make individual circular pizzas. Set out a platter with circle-shaped crackers and pepperoni or salami slices as another filling snack.


Preparing a dessert that goes with your polka dot theme is as easy as frosting a cake and adding circles of frosting in a variety of colors. You could go a step further and cut circles out of fondant with a cookie cutter and attach them to the cake. Use several colors of fondant to bring the polka dot theme alive. You might also use fondant circles on cupcakes instead. Set out small bowls of circle-shaped gumballs and candies as another way to enhance the appearance of your sweets table.