Baby Showers

Unique Twin Baby Shower Games

20 Questions

Create a game called 20 Questions that asks questions that are all about twins. Websites such as All Experts and ThinkQuest offer information on twins that can be used to craft twin trivia. Group questions in categories such as Famous Twins or the names of different multiple births. List questions on sheets of paper, hand them out to guests and give guests a set amount of time to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Word Duos

Give each guest a blank piece of paper and ask each to come up with word duos such as sugar and spice, salt and pepper, Chip and Dale. Set a time limit, usually 2 to 4 minutes, in which guests need to come up with these word pairings. See which guest comes up with the most duos. For more of a challenge, label the paper from A through Z. Guests must come up with as many duos as possible that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Treasure Hunt

Send the guests on a treasure hunt as a fun celebration of twin babies. Prior to this game, hide half of a pair of something -- such as different colored baby socks, mittens, shoes and pajamas -- throughout the building or hall where the shower is taking place. Give each guest the other items in the pairs and ask them to find the matching pieces.

Double Diaper Tag Team

Pair up guests into teams of two. Give each team a doll or teddy bear, a cloth diaper and several safety pins. The two team members must work together -- each using only one hand -- to diaper the teddy bear. The first team to finish wins.

How Many Pairs?

Purchase about 12 pairs of baby socks in as many different colors or patterns as you can find. Mix together all the socks and place them in a pile in the center of the room. One at a time, ask guests to pair up as many socks as they can in 15 seconds. Start a stop watch for each guest’s turn. Whichever guest matches up the most within the time limit, wins the game.

Farm Animal Baby Shower Decorations


The baby shower invitations announce the farm animal theme to guests. To make your own invitations, use farm-themed stamps, ink and stickers to decorate blank cards. Use language that goes along with the theme, such as "We want to celebrate a baby shower with ewe," or "With an oink, a nay and a moo, we are inviting you!" Another idea is to cut out a barn from red cardstock. Create barn doors with construction paper that open to reveal party details. Add extra requests to the invitations, such as asking each guest to bring a farm-themed children’s book to help build the new baby’s library.


Decorate with corn stalks and stuffed farm animals to create a barnyard scene. Hay bales, which can double as extra seating for an outdoor shower, can also be used for decoration. Cover tables with red checkered table cloths. Serve food in metal buckets and place utensils in a wicker basket lined with a bandana. For background music, play country songs or children’s classics, such as “Old MacDonald” and “Farmer in the Dell.”


Decorate the cake in colors that match the decorations, such as barnyard red. Use plastic farm animals as cake toppers or bake the cake in the shape of a farm animal and use frosting to complete the look. Other desserts include sugar cookies cut out and decorated as farm animals. If you are serving lunch or dinner, a barbecue meal goes well with a farm theme. Serve burgers, hot dogs, chips and potato salad. Have veggie burgers available for vegetarian guests. Serve a vegetable platter with pre-cut vegetables arranged in rows, to resemble a cultivated field.


Games encourage interaction between guests and make the shower fun for everyone. Try playing the baby animal name game. Provide guests with pens and paper. Call out different farm animals and ask guests to write down the name of the baby animal. For example, a baby horse is a foal and a baby goat is a kid. The guest who gets the most names right wins the game.

Try out another game where guests have to use creativity to win. Provide guests with a list of 20 words. Ten of the words should relate to the baby, such as stroller, nap, bottle or crib. The other ten words should relate to a farm, such as pig, horse, barnyard or tractor. Guests have to write a story in an agreed-upon time limit using all 20 words. The mom-to-be will play the role of judge and choose the winner.

How to Make a Quilted Cupcake

Bake the cupcakes and let them cool completely.

Slice the rounded tops off.

Measure the height and diameter. You will need this information to determine how much fondant to prepare.

Turn the cupcakes upside down and set aside.

Multiply the height by two and add this number to the diameter. The answer is the diameter of the rolled fondant you need for each cupcake.

Roll out the fondant until it forms a 1/8-inch thick circle of the appropriate size for one cupcake.

Make equally-spaced diagonal lines with a fondant cutter/embosser. If you do not have a fondant cutter, you can use a toothpick to poke closely-spaced holes instead.

Repeat this process to make diagonal lines going the other direction. The result will be a diamond quilt pattern.

Frost the upside-down cupcake on all sides with a thin layer of buttercream icing.

Drape the fondant over the cupcake.

Trim off any excess at the bottom.

Smooth the fondant with your fingers.

How to Design Your Own Baby Shower Plates

Choose Your Plate Design

Find a baby-themed stencil. Look for stencils that outline baby ducks, teddy bears, baby rattles or strollers. You can center the stencil on the middle of the plate. If it's very simple, add decorations around the stencil or more detail to the stenciled image. However, if you're confident to freehand draw the image, be brave! Stick with simple shapes first. You can always wash away the paint before setting it in the oven and start anew. If you want to make your own stencils, find heavy craft paper and a straight-edge razor blade or scissors. Print out an image from the computer, such as from a website like DLTK's Crafts for Kids, or draw your own. Then cut it out to create the stencil.

Make an abstract design. If you know the gender of the baby, you can make plates in the baby gender-specific color. Consider making pink polka dots on a plate for a baby girl shower. Find items around your house to make the polka dots, like the tip of a pencil eraser. Dip the tip of the eraser in the paint and then dot it on the plate. Lay down tape on the plate to make DIY stripes, or just freehand draw squiggly lines in complementary shades.

Write words on your baby shower plates. Use stencils with creative fonts to write "Boy" or "Girl," or even "New Grandma!" This would work especially well if you want to use the plates as place settings.

Design Your Plates

Clean each plate with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, dust, soap and fingerprints. Try not to touch the clean surfaces or your fingerprints might end up showing through the paint.

Stencil or draw in pencil your design on each plate. Double check your work to make sure you've spelled everything correctly and have a balanced design.

Decorate your plates with the ceramic paint or paint pens. If the paint requires more than one coat, let it dry between applications. Use a wet paper towel to carefully wipe away any mistakes. Allow your plates to dry before baking -- some paints require 24 hours to dry.

Bake your plates in the oven to set the design, following the directions for the specific you're using. Place your plates in the oven while it heats to the proper temperature to ensure that the plates don't heat up too quickly and crack.

Things You Will Need

  • Oven-safe ceramic or porcelain plates
  • Pencil
  • Stencils (optional)
  • Ceramic paint(s)
  • Paintbrush or applicator
  • Paper towels
  • Oven


Make sure the paint you purchase is non-toxic and appropriate for decorating items that will hold food.

How to Make a Blessing Tree for a Baby

Lay the branches or twigs on a newspaper-covered surface and spray or brush on a coat of white primer. Let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the branches are completely covered with the primer. If you missed any sections, rearrange the branches and spray or brush on more primer.

Spray paint the branches with your choice of colors. You can use a single color or make the branches different colors to coordinate with the baby shower's color scheme. To blend in with any color scheme, paint the branches with silver or gold metallic paint. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Attach a small silk flower to the end of each branch with a hot glue gun. The flowers should blend in seamlessly, not stand out as the main feature of the blessing tree. If you can't find flowers small enough to blend nicely, opt for silk leaves instead. Spray-paint the flowers or leaves to blend in with the branches and allow the paint to dry.

Fill the bottom of a large vase about one-third full of rocks or stones to make it sturdy. Gather the branches and place them in the vase.

Trace different leaf shapes onto card stock and cut out the shapes. Cut one leaf for each guest and then make a few extra, too. Choose card stock in colors that coordinate with the shower's color scheme or spray paint each leaf.

Make a hole through each leaf with a hole punch and thread a length of ribbon through each hole. Tie the ribbon ends together to make a loop.

Arrange the leaf-shaped tags around the vase and leave pens with the arrangement for guests to write their blessings, prayers and messages of well-wishing.

Things You Will Need

  • 6 to 7 small tree branches or twigs
  • Primer (spray or brush-on)
  • Spray paint
  • Small silk flowers (or silk leaves)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Large vase
  • Rocks or stones
  • Card stock
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon


Be sure to explain to all the shower guests what the baby tree is in case it's the first time they're seeing one.

How to Create Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

You can save money and time by creating a birth announcement or baby shower invitation on your computer. Depending on if the baby is born yet or not, take a picture of the baby or take an ultrasound picture or a picture of mom's belly.

Paste the picture onto your paint program and create your birth announcement/ baby shower invitation there. Write in details such as time, place and name.

Upload your picture to a site such as Snapfish or and add a fun, festive border around it.

If you open a new Snapfish account, you can get your photos free by mail, just pay shipping. If you choose to get them developed at Walgreens, you can pick them up in the store for only $0.19 each.

Save an image of the card on your computer, upload to and send the image to family and friends as a FREE e-card.


To save even more money, use an editing program, such as Walmart's free program to place two images on one photo for double the photos, costing you less than a dime per invitation.