How to Apply for Kinship Care Financial Assistance

By doing a little research, you can obtain financial assistance to care for your relative's child.

Kinship care financial assistance is available to those whom have assumed responsibility of a relative's child or children. Types of assistance include housing assistance, health services and tutoring services.

Gather all the paperwork proving temporary or permanent custody of the children for which the kinship care financial assistance is being applied. This can include court documents, police reports or school records. Any government agency will require valid proof before granting financial assistance.

Locate the local child care resource and referral agency. Check local government pages in the telephone book or checking the state's website. The child's school may also have access to this information.

Make an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork for kinship care financial assistance. Staff members can assist with any process or paperwork related questions.

Download an application. The state website will have a link for this application to be downloaded and printed. Follow the instructions on the kinship care financial assistance paperwork to ensure prompt processing.

Call the kinship care financial assistance office to see if paperwork can be faxed in. If you can't make it to an office in person, faxing may be an option. Get a fax confirmation to keep for your records.

Follow up on the application status. Keep records of all the telephone calls made and the names of everyone you speak with and file it with your documentation.