How to Teach Your Child How to Take a Shower

A time will come when your child asks to take a shower instead of his usual bath. Before giving your child complete freedom in the bathroom, you'll need to teach him the steps to follow in order to take a proper shower. After going over your checklist a few times, your child will master the art of showering alone.

Place a no-slip adhesive mat on the bottom of the inside of your bathtub. This will keep your child from slipping while standing in the shower.

Instruct your child on how to properly wash her body with a bar of soap and a washcloth. Do this while she is still in the tub and watch to make sure she is washing correctly. Do the same with the shampoo and conditioner.

Tell your child to stand up in the tub once he is completely lathered. Turn the shower on for him and show him how to rinse off. Never assume that your child will figure this step out on his own. Your goal should always be to demonstrate proper hygiene.

Give your child a checklist of items she needs the next time she is ready to get clean again. This checklist should include soap, shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, a towel and a clean outfit. Go over the checklist one item at a time and ensure all of the items are in their proper place in the bathroom before the shower begins.

Ask your child to turn on the shower 2. Inspect the temperature and show him how to adjust the water if it is too hot or too cold. Demonstrate how to turn the shower off so he can do this once he has finished washing.

Step out and close the bathroom door. Your child should now be allowed to take his first shower alone.


Some children will go back and forth from bath to shower several times before making a complete switch to all showers. This is entirely normal and should be permitted. Consider celebrating this milestone by buying a few new items for your child, such as a bath sponge or a decorative towel.


Don't go far from the bathroom during your child's first few showers. If your child forgets how to lower the temperature, for example, you want to be where you can hear him if he needs help.

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