What Do Boys Wear for Gymnastics?

Gymnastics appeals to boys and girls alike 1. For boys, it's a chance to improve their fitness level as well as a chance to increase their strength. What a boy wears for gymnastics may depend on his school or trainer 1. And, while females are typically instructed to wear leotards, boys likely won't have to wear official uniforms unless attending a competition.


When practicing in a gym or doing gymnastics on an amateur level, boys need only wear a regular, comfortable T-shirt for gymnastics. So long as the T-shirt is not so oversized that it impedes movement, any natural fiber T-shirt works well. When attending a competition, boys may be required to wear a full-length leotard or two-piece Spandex uniform, which will take the place of practice garments. When in doubt, ask the coach beforehand what he prefers boys to wear while on the floor.


A boy can wear any comfortable bottoms to practice. Athletic shorts, compression shorts and sweatpants are all acceptable for practice purposes. Much of boys' gymnastics will consist of tumbling, so comfort and maneuverability are main factors in choosing the right bottoms. When in a competition, the bottoms worn will be a part of a full-length leotard, which is often supplied by the gymnastic school or team. Gymnastics leotards can also be purchased in two matching pieces, with a tank top and Spandex pants. Just ensure that practice garments are cut close enough to the body to avoid snagging on equipment.

Footwear and Accessories

Gymnastics is typically practiced in bare feet, so you shouldn't need to purchase specialty shoes for boys. Socks should be avoided, as they can cause slippage on the mats. When it comes to other accessories and items of clothing, rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches should be avoided, especially when practicing tumbling. They could snag and cause injury.

Competition Uniform

The competition uniform, a full leotard, may be supplied by a school or gym, but you may also need to purchase one from a gymnastics specialty store. Any other gymnastics accessories for the team, such as wrist bands, may be supplied by the team for unity.

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