The Best Way to Change Goodnites

Most children meet the notion of a sleepover with excitement—unless they wet the bed. Although 25 percent of children over age five still wet the bed, many who habitually wet the bed feel alone and ashamed. One way to help restore your child’s confidence and sleep a little easier is to offer Goodnites underwear for sleeping. Disposable Goodnites underwear is easy to conceal underneath pajamas and has the same look and feel as actual underwear. There are a few different ways to discretely change Goodnites in order to preserve your child’s dignity.

Personal Hygiene

Although wetting or soiling the bed is a mortifying experience for your child, explain that she can be discrete while changing the Goodnites and maintain personal hygiene. Whether it’s Goodnites or regular underwear, changing soiled underwear can spread germs unless you and your child take a few precautions.

If your child is attending a sleepover, provide a plastic bag with a twist tie for safe disposal. Include a small bottle of hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes for cleaning her hands and other surfaces. Encourage your child to wash her hands after she removes the Goodnites once she has secured them in the plastic bag and put them in her overnight bag or in the trash.


One of the best ways to change Goodnites underpants is to ask your child to remove them as he would any other pair of underwear.

Remove the underwear by grasping each side and pull down. The underwear is stretchy so your child should be able to pull them down without assistance. If the underwear is soiled, throw them away. During a sleepover situation, your child can change the Goodnites when he changes his clothes in the morning.

Changing Highly Soiled Goodnites

If your child is still asleep or if the underwear is thoroughly soiled, you will need to remove it while he is lying down. Pulling Goodnites down like regular underwear will leave the child vulnerable to soiling other parts of his body such as legs, hands and feet, creating a messy situation.

While the child is on his back, remove the underwear by carefully tearing away each side like a diaper to release the underwear. Slide the flattened Goodnites away from the child underneath his body and keep a box of baby wipes nearby. Gently wipe any areas on the child that is exposed to soiled matter and dispose of the baby wipes and Goodnites in a sealed plastic bag.

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