What Kinds of Earrings Make Your Ears Sag?

Sagging earlobes are an unsightly and irritating side effect of wearing certain earrings over time 2. If you love to accessorize but don't want to weigh your ears down, opt for earrings that look chic without putting a lot of stress on your lobes and learn which styles to steer clear of.

Heavy Earrings

The heavier the earring, the more likely the ears are to sag. Ear sagging happens over time and occurs in women who wear heavy earrings frequently. The thickness of your lobe also determines how heavier earrings will affect you. If you have an especially heavy pair that you wear every now and then, your ears should be just fine.

Badly-Made Earring Backs

Your earrings aren't the only factor in earlobe droop -- earring backs also play a role 1. Your ears need support, especially if you're wearing heavier earrings. Thinner, more fragile earring backs don't provide adequate support for the ears. If your earrings come with a pair of flimsy backs, take a trip to your local jewelry store or pharmacy, and buy a pair of more sturdy backs -- the larger the better.

Earrings Worn When Sleeping

Once you get home, take your earrings out. The longer your earrings are in, the greater the chance of earlobe sagging over time 2. Give your ears a rest and take your earrings out before you get your beauty sleep. In fact, it's best to remove your earrings as soon as you get home, especially if they're heavy.

Earrings to Wear

While wearing heavy earrings occasionally isn't a huge deal, generally it's best to wear studs which won't put a lot of stress on your earlobes. If you love a longer earring, try one made of lighter materials like plastic. You'll still get the look you want without weighing your earlobes down.

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